Football: Ready to bounce back, Joël Kiassumbua restores certain truths


The Democratic Republic of Congo goalkeeper, who has been without a club for a year and his departure from Servette, has reacted to false rumors about him. He also talked about his personal situation.

Without a club, but holder in selection: Joël Kiassumbua lived more than contrastingly last year.

Eric Lafargue

On July 1, 2021, the Servette adventure of Joël Kiassumbua (30 years) came to an end. Nearly a year after leaving La Praille, Jérémy Frick’s former understudy – played 15 games with the Garnets in three seasons – has still not found a job.

Deprived of a passion – and a profession – which he has practiced since he was 17, the Congolese international (23 caps in the DRC) is necessarily the first to be “disturbed and irritated” by this situation. The former doorman of Wohlen and Lugano did not really need the false rumors that were spread by the media of his country for two months.

The latter, to justify this long period of inactivity, make the U17 world champion work with the Swiss team in 2009 in a bakery in Switzerland. False, arch-false even “information”.

Lack of respect

“I don’t know where these ridiculous rumors are coming from,” explains the main stakeholder. All I know is that some African journalists, who have homework anyway, have come out with bullshit about me. I denied them to make things clear. I thought it was important to restore the truth because some people only read Congolese media and can believe such nonsense. These can affect my image, when in reality I have worked a lot in the past year. I also feel that these rumors represent a disrespect to my personal day-to-day investment and to what I brought to the roster.

Logically, the Leopards doorman doesn’t want “people to think I’ve ended my career”, he who strives to find a club as soon as possible. “I’m only 30 and have many years ahead of me,” he recalls. I am going into my best years: I am more than motivated!”

De Lucerne, with 21 Super League matches and 103 Challenge League matches on the clock, is aware that the current period is once again favorable for negotiations.

“It only takes one guard to get the carousel moving.”

Joël Kiassumbua, international goalkeeper

“My immediate goal is of course to sign a contract,” exclaims Joël Kiassumbua. We are at the beginning of the transfer window, things are starting to move little by little. At my post, it only takes one guard to move the carousel. Options seem to be emerging and we are currently in talks with several clubs, in Switzerland and abroad. So far, nothing has been signed or decided yet.

Despite his unenviable situation, the former Servetti impresses with his calm and serenity. Above all, he has the rare quality of bringing out the positive where it is not there at first glance.

“When I was 21, I knew already several months without a club before I joined Wohlen, he said, referring to the year 2012. So I already knew this situation, even though I was much younger. I had never played professionally then. and did not really know the football world. Now I am 30 years old and firmly rooted in this world. Thanks to this experience I have confidence in myself and in my abilities. I have always remained positive this year without a club. I even think that The last one helped me a lot and helped me move forward mentally, especially when we think back to these extreme contrasts, I was without a club, but I played in the squad and had the best performance of my career.

Holder in selection

Because it is there, the whole paradox of the year experienced by Joël Kiassumbua. Based in Zurich with his wife since he left Servette last summer, the porter trained in Lucerne trained alone most of the time. Or on behalf of a goalkeeper coach. He also sometimes joined amateur clubs to “work on certain specific points”, but it wasn’t until he was called up to the national team that he found a real group life.

“It is true that the situation was different from other years,” he admits. But I was able to show what I was capable of and prove to many clubs that I could be efficient, professional and in good shape even without a club. The fact that coach Hector Cuper decided to let me start despite my situation also means something. He trusted me and that allowed us to qualify for the World Cup play-offs, which we unfortunately lost. (note: last March against Morocco)

Looking to the future, the Leopards goalkeeper, who has kept his daily “routine” and continuous training sessions, now dreams of repeating the achievements on the international stage with a club shirt on the shoulders.

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