Back to school 2022-2023: the official dates for the next school year announced by the French government

The outcome of the Council of Ministers took place on Tuesday. For the occasion, the government mentioned the large consultation on education. Pap Ndiaye, Education Minister, also announced the dates for the resumption of classes after the summer holidays.

The big consultation around the school

As mentioned during the Council of Ministers, the major consultation around the school will start in September and end at the end of the 2022 school year. It will take the form of a debate, and will aim to “enhance the attractiveness” of teaching professions”, such as declared by the new Minister of National Education, Tuesday 14 June.

At the same time, he mentioned the continuation of the upgrading of teachers, whose commitment was made in the second part of the previous five-year term. In particular, this will be “the subject of consultation”, as well as “the upgrading to be made within the framework of the pact with teachers”.

For this new school year, the recruitment of teachers will therefore be done with the necessary finesse, as the attractiveness of certain teacher competitions has decreased. For the reception of students it is indeed necessary to think of “structural reactions”.

According to Pap Ndiaye, this calls for better working conditions, with favorable remuneration, but also for attention to career development.

“We use contract teachers, the proportion of whom remains very modest at 1% in the first grade and 8% in the second,” he says.

The new minister, who wants a fully inclusive school, also announced that an additional 4,000 full-time equivalents of carers for children with reduced mobility will be created.

Official dates

As mentioned above, the new Minister of National Education has announced the dates for the next school year. For example, he announced that in France, students will return to their classes on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

For students in Mayotte, classes start on Wednesday 24 August and for students in Reunion the school year starts on Tuesday 16 August. As stated on the government’s website, this new school year is about 12.2 million students from kindergarten to last grade, including nearly 20,000 Ukrainian refugee children in the country.

The news

There are of course new things for this new school year. As announced by the President of the Republic, there will be “optional” math for freshmen this school year. And for the lower classes, the students get a 30-minute introduction to sports every day.

The school holiday calendar has also already been released for students who are already thinking about rest before the start of the school year. There will also be a first break, from October 22 to November 7, for All Saints’ Day, for the three zones A, B and C.

Extra information

For your information: the start of the school year takes place on the morning of the days prescribed in the national calendar, while the departure on vacation takes place after class. For students who do not study on Saturdays, their rest is on Friday evening after class.

With regard to the beginning of the summer holidays, the teachers who will carry out the operations related to the exams will work until the closing date of the exams established in the memorandum establishing the calendar of the session.

For their part, teachers who take two half-days (or an equivalent schedule) outside of class hours can be released during the school year. This decision was made to allow time for reflection and training on topics proposed by the academic authorities.

With regard to the national school calendar, the dates can be changed by the sector under certain conditions. Please note that this calendar does not include the end dates of school exams.

In particular with regard to Corsica, the overseas departments and the overseas collectivities, the rectors, the heads of the national education services and the vice-rectors have the power to adjust the national calendar. This is done by establishing school calendars by decree, for a period of three years, taking into account the specificities of each of the regions concerned.

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