Artists celebrate their Gemini nominations in 2022

This Wednesday at 5 pm the nominations were announced for the 37th edition of the Prix Gémeaux, which will again be hosted by Véronique Cloutier. For the occasion, artists and craftsmen gathered at the Montreal Science Center, where they posed for the photographers in attendance.

Check out our photo gallery from the event below.

Véronique Cloutier and Nicolas Ouellet hosted this unveiling.

The series Audrey came back and that’s how i love youseason 2, each garnered 13 citations, closely followed by Mammoth Evening with 11 nominations and Bye Bye 2021 with 10 nominations.

Please note that the Gémeaux Gala will take place on September 18 and will be broadcast on ICI Télé.

View the most important nominations below. See the Gemini site here for all the details.

Best Animation or Animation Team: Sports or Recreation

  • Luc Bellemare, the anteroomseason 13
  • David Arsenault, Danny Desriveaux, Bruno Heppell, Didier Ormejuste, Matthieu Proulx, Pierre Vercheval, NFL football on RDS
  • Alain Crête, Vincent Damphousse, Marc Denis, Denis Gauthier, Pierre Houde, Canadian hockey on RDS
  • Robby Menard, Helene Pelletier, Yvan Ponton, Tennis at RDS
  • Guillaume Dumas, Martin Labrosse, Jacinthe Taillon, Marie-José Turcotte, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Best Animation: Youth

  • Pascal Barriault, Valerie Chevalier, Marilou Morin, Pascal Morrissette, crazy pigseason 6
  • Pier-Luc Funk, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, The Mammoth Feast 2021
  • Luc Langevin, the inventive
  • MassiMahou, Massi on a mission: Human body
  • Jeremy Larouche, Not dumber than usseason 4

Best Animation – Social Interest Magazine

  • Marie-Louise Arsenault, In the media
  • Monic Neron, Emilie Perreault, The future is ours
  • Jean-Rene Dufort, Marie-Pier Elie, The big laboratory
  • patrick lagace, Our 20s
  • Christian Beginnings, There are people at mass

Best Drama Series

  • One way
  • that’s how i love you season 2
  • raspberry time
  • a criminal case, season 1
  • Play

Best Annual Drama Series

  • District 31
  • The Breakaway, Season 6
  • The perfect moments
  • We
  • all life

Best Comedy

  • Audrey came back
  • The eye of the storm, season 2
  • guys, season 2
  • Without an appointment
  • her children survive

Best Lead Actor: Comedy

  • Dennis Bouchard, Audrey came back
  • Guy Nadon, The blue house
  • Michel Charette, Luck
  • Alex Martin, boysseason 2
  • Mani Soleymanlou, her children survive

Best Female Lead: Comedy

  • Florence Longpre, Audrey came back
  • Josee Deschenes, Audrey came back
  • Christine Beaulieu, eye of the stormseason 2
  • Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin, her children survive
  • RachelGraton, A family bond

Best Animation: Variety Series or Special

  • Veronique Cloutier, 1st timeseason 5
  • Gregory Charles, around midnight
  • France Beaudoin, Live from the universe
  • Marie-Lyne Joncas The next stand up
  • Edith Cochrane, André Robitaille, TV kidsseason 12

Best Lead Actor: Drama Series

  • Luc Picard, One way
  • Steve Laplante, After
  • Edison Ruiz, raspberry time
  • Vincent Leclerc, Plan Bseason 3
  • Vincent Leclerc, get me out of me

Best Lead Actor: Annual Drama Series

  • Danny Gilmore, Warningsseason 2
  • Guy Jodoin, Warningsseason 2
  • Frederick Pierre, Warningsseason 2
  • Emile Proulx-Cloutier, The perfect moments
  • Roy Dupuis, all life

Best Female Lead: Drama Series

  • Marilyn Castonguay, that’s how i love youseason 2
  • Martin Franke, Gabrielle Roy’s World
  • Sandrine Bisson, raspberry time
  • Anne-Elisabeth Bossé, Plan Bseason 3
  • Celine Bonnier, a criminal caseseason 1

Best Female Lead: Annual Drama Series

  • Sophie Pregnant, Warningsseason 2
  • Chantal Fontaine, the escapeseason 6
  • Marianne Fortier, We
  • Laetitia Isambert, We
  • Marina Orsini, Another story

Best reality show

  • Wood heads
  • In the eye of the dragonseason 10
  • love is in the meadowseason 10
  • Double occupation in the west
  • Star Academy, The Daily

Best interview or talk show or series

  • good eveningseason 4
  • End the week wellseason 12
  • Towerseason 2
  • true nature
  • Everyone is talking about it

Best Animation for a Program or Series Produced for Digital Media: Variety, Magazine

  • Marie-Lyne Joncas After OD with us
  • Valerie Roberts, behind the photo
  • France Beaudoin, Comfort To go
  • Mathieu Dufour, Kekou fashion with Mathieu Dufour
  • Keithy AntoineIrdens ExantusSchelby Jean-Baptiste don’t lie to you

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