The CAQ takes stock of its 2018-2022 mandate

Quebec presented its 2018-2022 mandate report for the Centre-du-Québec region this Friday. The Minister in charge of Centre-du-Québec, André Lamontagne, was joined by Eric Lefebvre, MNA for Arthabaska, Sébastien Schneeberger, MNA for Drummond-Bois-Francs, and Donald Martel, MNA for Nicolet-Bécancour, to discuss the main results of the Coalition Avenir Québec party that directly affect the quality of life of citizens and that fall within the priorities established at the beginning of the mandate, mainly in the fields of education, health and economics.

“My colleagues and I have invested in recent years to improve the quality of life of our citizens. We can say that we have concrete results to present to the voters! » says André Lamontagne.

“We are very proud of the amounts invested in Centre-du-Québec, but beyond the money, it is the activity that will deliver all of this and the place that Centre-du-Québec can occupy that matters,” added Minister Mounting to it.


During its first mandate, the government invested to improve citizens’ quality of life, especially in education. During the last mandate, no less than three new primary schools were inaugurated and a new primary school is under construction in Saint-Sylvère.


The Centre-du-Québec caucus says early childhood and education are at the heart of their concerns. Firstly, thanks to the Grand Chantier pour les familles, created by the Minister for the Family, Mathieu Lacombe, every child will be able to access a subsidized place in the network of educational childcare services.

“While it was confirmed last November that more than 1,400 new spaces would be created in the coming years, as of today, more than 1,000 spaces are being created across the territory, and due to the conditions of the Grand Chantier, we are confident that they will see the light of day soon,” says Sébastien Schneeberger.


The Centre-du-Québec MNAs announced record amounts for the repair, maintenance and improvement of road infrastructure, both at the municipal level and for major roads. Over the past three years, municipalities in the region have benefited from more than $36 million in local road assistance. We should also note the progress of the file for the doubling of Autoroute 55, which will finally be started in the coming months thanks to the determination and hard work of the MNA for Nicolet-Bécancour.


For the past four years, the government has sought to create an ideal environment to foster the region’s economic vitality, both by reforming Investissement Québec and by pumping large sums of money into the region.

Also, billions of dollars have been announced by various companies that will set up shop at the Bécancour industrial park. “The Bécancour industrial and port park will become the epicenter of the new economic dynamism in Quebec,” said Minister Lamontagne. It’s hard to imagine what it will look like in 10 years, in 15 years, but it’s really special that the heart of it is here in the house. †


The current administration is insisting that its delegates in the region have ensured that citizens have more in their pockets with the $500 earmarked in the last budget to fund price hikes, school tax cuts, child support increases and childcare tax credit.

The topic of fast internet access was also discussed. “We cannot talk about quality of life without access to basic services. High speed internet access is a necessity in today’s life, as is electricity, and our government has gone to great lengths to break down all barriers and deliver on its commitment. With a $50 million investment, the approximately 7,000 homes in the region that did not yet have access to high-speed internet will all be connected in the coming months,” said Eric Lefebvre.

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