Red and Black 26 – Alouettes 27 | The position of Adam’s son or not?

(Montreal) It was the second and final game of the Alouettes’ preseason, Friday night, at the Percival-Molson Stadium. They gathered from a nine point deficit in the final three minutes to defeat the Ottawa Redblacks 27-26.

Updated June 3rd

Miguel Bujold

Miguel Bujold
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That wasn’t what caught the eye, though, although the 11,273 fans were happy with their team’s win. The final grade was secondary, what we wanted to see was how Vernon Adams Jr. would play. It was the first time he was in uniform since he broke his arm on October 11. And it didn’t go so well.

After a great first run that ended with his one-yard touchdown, Adams Jr. the next three by throwing an intercept. Three interceptions in 4 passes…

Note that Adams Jr. at third was not helped by Reggie White Jr. when the receiver was unable to catch the ball he had received close to him. In total, Adams Jr. six of 12 passes for 69 yards before being replaced by Trevor Harris.


Tysen-Otis Copeland and Vernon Adams Jr.

“As a quarterback I am strict with myself. I have to protect the ball better. But I know that we will watch the videotape of the game tomorrow [samedi] and that we will see some details that need to be corrected. †

“I felt good. I was both nervous and excited. There was a lot of emotion because we were playing against the same team as when I broke my arm.”

The match did not count in the standings, but the fact remains that Adams Jr. seemed quite calm despite his mediocre performance. Last season he got us used to beating ourselves after games like this.

Did he work on this aspect during the off-season?

“Absolutely. In 2021 I was mentally elsewhere and I don’t want to go back to this place. I want to stay as neutral as possible and avoid ups and downs as much as possible. I don’t even want to be too positive, because positivism doesn’t always work. But negativity works every time,” Adams Jr. said.

Harris came into play, imitating Adams Jr. by throwing an interception yourself. He completed 3 of his 7 passes for 61 yards. Dominique Davis took over and had five of nine passes for 39 yards. In short, all normal.

Young Davis Alexander was the team’s top quarterback on Friday. It was he who made the rise to 4 . orchestratede quarterback and completed nine of 13 passes for 127 yards.

“This boy keeps pulling rabbits out of his hat! He is very phlegmatic and it is nice to watch him at work. He made some important moves tonight,” said Khari Jones.


The Alouettes won their second and final game of the preseason on Friday-evening.

But neither Alexander nor Davis are in the running for the starting job. Currently only Adams Jr. and Harris involved. And Jones would not announce who his starter would be in Thursday night’s season opener in Calgary.

“I know who our starter will be, but I won’t announce it.”

However, it would be quite surprising if Adams Jr. wouldn’t get the first start. That was the plan for the start of the camp in Trois-Rivières, and Jones felt that Adams Jr. had done well during the team’s three weeks in Mauricie.

Jones said his quarterbacks and offensive play were nothing to worry about, even though all the starters except William Stanback and Jake Wieneke played. “I’m not worried at all. We haven’t even used a quarter of our game repertoire.”

Adams Jr. expects to start against the Stampeders, but has not been given any guarantees. “That’s the impression I have, but nobody has confirmed anything to me yet. †

“It is the decision of the coaches and Khari. I will accept it and I will do my job the best I can anyway.”

In defence, a few young Alouettes players stood out, including the club’s first-choice in the last draft, Tyrell Richards. The linebacker caused a fumble after a sack.

It was Brock Gowanlock who recovered the ball after this fumble before returning it from a distance of 44 yards. Gowanlock, a University of Manitoba product, also had three sacks… A 2020 eighth round pick, the defensive end probably just earned his spot in Montreal.

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