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The third installment in the Mario Strikers football video game series, ‘Battle League Football’, is both accessible and complicated to master. Released on June 10, 2022, this colorful and playful game is the opposite of classic soccer simulations like FIFA.

More than fifteen years after its predecessor “Mario Strikers: Charged Football”, the developers Next Level Games and Nintendo EPD join forces to present a new version of the football video game with Nintendo sauce. On the program are seasoned football matches where all shots are allowed between Mario, his friends and his enemies.

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In the basic version, “Mario Strikers: Battle League Football” brings together ten cult characters such as Mario, Luigi, the evil Bowser, Princess Peach, the mushroom, the Yoshi dinosaur, Donkey Kong or even Waluigi and Harmony. A dozen additional characters will follow, free or not.

Four-on-four matches

“Mario Strikers: Battle League Football” can be played locally and online for one to eight players and is a game for the general public. Something to amuse novice players, children and adults, because the rules are simple: two teams of four characters compete by scoring as many goals as possible in the opponent’s camp. It is possible to play offensively or defensively, but the goalkeeper is controlled by the computer.

Characters can take a variety of passes such as ground and lob, and multiple shots such as rapid fire and charged shot. One touch is assigned to sprinting and one touch to dribbling, and it is also possible to tackle opponents.

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A game for the general public, but not only

“Mario Strikers: Battle League Football” is therefore accessible, but has subtleties. Each character can use special techniques, which when used are accompanied by colorful and spectacular films. To make the competitions more exciting, like the racing game “Mario Kart”, objects with special powers fall randomly on the field. If the team prefers to play a classic game of football, it is also possible to disable all these options.

The game also gives you the opportunity to advance by testing your reflexes for ultra-fast games. In addition, the weight and height of the characters are taken into account during matches. For example, the Mushroom Toad will struggle to take on the Gorilla Donkey Kong, but he will be faster than him. Finally, it is possible to customize the equipment of the characters. Cup mode matches, against the computer, are themed competitions that allow you to win the virtual money needed to purchase these items. Something to get players thinking when building teams and choosing their strategy.

An image of the gameplay of the game “Mario Strikers: Battle League Football”. [Nintendo]

An online mode to overcome the limits of the game

Playful and fun for many, “Mario Strikers: Battle League Football” has its limitations when playing locally. For now, the game only has ten characters, which can lead to repetitive games once they are all mastered.

However, the online game offers a mode called Club Strikers, which allows you to participate in leagues by joining or creating teams or clubs of up to twenty players. Please note that a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to access Club Strikers mode. Will this be enough to not tire the players?

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“Mario Strikers: Battle League Football”, from age 7, available on Nintendo Switch.

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