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Galactic Football

From Battlefield 2042 Bee Nintendo Switch Sports during the many FPS multiplayer seasons of the moment, it becomes more and more painful to write about games as they come out. Getting used to the launch of buggies, promises of expansion from the first months, even the late implementation of entire parts of the game, the industry seems to enjoy selling works in kitsrunning after a date to reassure shareholders.

Beyond the strategy of constantly renewing a title to maintain audience interest, the real problem here lies in the value of criticism, which has only two solutions: being content to talk about the content as it is at the time of write the paper, or afford to make plans on the comet.

“…they are still in good condition”

In the field, however, Nintendo has often used its claim and its prestige as an anchor point that goes against the more cynical approaches of the competition. Secure, Super Smash Bros. ultimateMario Kart 8 Deluxe or Animal Crossing: New Horizons allowed themselves to gradually add DLC, but expand on already massive games.

But that’s true Mario Strikers Battle League Football (thanks for the extended title) disappoints simply because the cart was put before the horse. Seeing the rickety menu and very minimal selection compared to previous works of this “Mario tries the round ball”, Nintendo immediately reassured, explaining that many additions would be made throughout the life of the title, which the publisher hopes will be long and prosperous.

Mario Strikers Battle League Soccer: PhotoFewer free kicks, more headbutts

crazy nights

Nevertheless, the strategy is understandable as these new Mario Strikers (always entrusted to the teams of Next Level Games, makers of previous games on Gamecube and Wii) is mainly focused on multiplayer. Of the tutorial divided into a handful of chapters, the very arcade energy of the title strikes a clever balance between instant accessibility (ideal for binouse evenings with budding friends) and tactical finesse full of unexpected subtleties.

In fact, since the release of Mario Strikers Charged Football in 2007, it’s clear that Next Level Games couldn’t miss the title that upset the “crazy football game” field, namely Rocket League† And at this point, Battle League Soccer manages to offer an equal pleasure, especially in the management of its progression curve. Even if the most complex techniques are not yet mastered, the fun is total and you always want to improve.

Mario Strikers Battle League Soccer: PhotoSpecial shots, always so nice

As a result, this new opus has done well to modify its substantial marrow compared to its predecessors. It’s no longer about embodying a team leader with minor characters like Koopa or Goombas from now on. Each team consists of four icons from the Mario universe, each with their own attributes that can be customized with equipment. In short, Battle League Soccer encourages experimentation and specialization of his avatars (whether in speed of movement, quality of shots and passes, or brute strength in tackles) to create his dream team.

Not only is this strategy perfect for improving online (especially since a system of seasons and clubs has been implemented), but it is also possible for each character to be embodied by a player.

On this point, this one Mario Strikers stands out as a crazy party game, in which it is possible to enjoy total chaos with eight players on the couch or online. It’s all the more exciting that Nintendo is taking the opportunity to synthesize what makes the success of its other franchises. We in turn find random gifts at the Mario Kartand a trendy super attack ball Super Smash Bros.who permanently redistribute the cards of a match.

Mario Strikers Battle League Soccer: PhotoCool options, but not enough at the moment

A surface in need of repair

However, if you don’t have any friends (which is the case with Large Screen, because we don’t like anything or anyone), it’s more complicated. Apart from some cuts that mainly serve to counter specific strategies, Battle League Soccer has very bad solo content† The lack of options is a reflection of the ridiculous number of characters, even if Nintendo promises to add more. We made quick rounds of the different combinations of teams, and the overall lack of options (especially regarding country customization) is painful to see for such a launch.

That said, these concerns at least have the merit of not misleading the nature of a game without madness. Wanting to complicate and regulate a gameplay that in the past has been no problem hurling a giant Bowser or a Chomp in the middle of the field (a paradox as Nintendo almost never defends the esports dimension of its games), Battle League Soccer is much wiser than its predecessorswho had a mean, subversive and brutal side to him.

Mario Strikers Battle League Soccer: PhotoIt’s more exciting than the real Ligue 1 (and shorter too)

Whether it’s the cartoonish violence of this surreal football or the characters’ scenes of victory and defeat, the previous installments hadn’t stolen their PEGI-12 rating (an exceptional fact for our mustachioed plumber).

Here everything seems more diluted, adapted to a certain idea of ​​​​the family game. It is no less effective, but what will be left of the gaming experience in a few months or a few years behind the beautiful work, solid, well produced and full of promises about the evolution of the gameplay? When looking for the strategy and longevity of a Rocket League, has Nintendo forgotten the fantasy it has always defined? That’s the whole problem with incomplete game reviews: our questions can only go unanswered…

Mario Strikers Battle League Football will be available on Nintendo Switch since June 10, 2022

Mario Strikers Battle League Soccer: Photo

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