Football – Withdrawal Of Three Points: The Bottom Of The Case That Stirs FU Narbonne

FUN is in turmoil. Weighed in by three points, possibly relegated, he tries to defend himself. We have tried to understand this matter.

FUN still hopes for the three-point penalty imposed by the League to be lifted and awaits the finalization of its appeal. At the end of a 2021-2022 season that saw the FUN earn its maintenance in National 3 on the ground, the club was penalized in a report on June 13 by three points for failing to participate in a Gambardella cup match on September 25, 2021. A decision with serious consequences, as Narbonne would then be relegated in favor of the Blagnac team.

Ironically, or not, in history, the new president of Blagnac, appointed a little over a month ago, comes from Narbonne in the person of Patrick Marjoux. Contacted, he explains: “I am not aware of anything, I arrived as chairman a few weeks ago. I was deeply saddened for FUN to hear that this proceeding was underway, especially me who lives in Narbonne. My son Bryan Marjoux made part of this club What I know is that this information about Narbonne reached us during the match of Blagnac in Argelès A member of this club had received the information from another from St-Estève and passed it on to our coach (Frédéric Larrieu , editor’s note ) whom I fired a few days ago, not just in connection with that, by the way.”
Frédéric Larrieu, also contacted, confirms to have obtained this information during his journey to Argelès, but he does not know if the origin of the circuit goes back to St-Estève.

However, he completely rejects the idea of ​​starting the procedure, arguing that the new president had… “aware of all this”

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“By being exempt in the first round, the club has participated in the competition.”

The hypothesis of Stéphanois’ reckoning is nevertheless valid. Two years ago, Narbonne stole the lead from St-Estève at their home ground with a 1-0 win, after a particularly stormy R1 race. A few weeks later, the Covid ended the championship, approved the classification and gave FUN access to N3. Much to the chagrin of the Catalans who were in the lead for most of the season. But this will remain a hypothesis and in the end it doesn’t matter. Another disturbing element, in the minutes no. 36 of the Regional Commission for the management of competitions of the Occitanie Football League, dated May 3, 2022 and a list of the clubs that do not fulfill their obligation to commit to teams (which we have, editor’s note)there is no mention of football association Narbonne.

This shows that on this date the League was not aware of the facts alleged against the FUN, which are dated September 25, 2021. It is therefore clear that the information was voluntarily passed on when the season ended, to inform the Narbonne- to condemn the team. Because the match Albères-Argelès – Blagnac, when the information would have reached the ears of Haut-Garonne, was the very last match of the season, on June 4… The president of the Ligue Occitanie, Arnaud Dalla Pria, never responded at our requests.

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What counts today for the FUN is to convince the League of its good faith and for this it can count on the support of Pierre Micheau, president of the district of Aude, who split an unequivocal press release: “It is a catastrophic decision for the Narbonnais club but also for Aude’s football. The FUN of President Bouzbiba is the spearhead for seniors in our department, we cannot imagine any administrative relegation, both in content and form. Championship and specify to the club the “minus 3 points” when the decision should have been communicated to the club from the beginning of the season… Obviously this is making fun of FUN and therefore Aude football of which I am the representative On the merits it is obviously up to the competent committee to judge, but what I understand is that by being exempted during the first round of Gambardella, the club has participated in the competition “I have no other solution than to distance myself from the decision taken by the Ligue d’Occitanie. In the Aude district, we fully support the Narbonne club and encourage them to appeal the decision to assert that right.”

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