Football. Vahid Halilhodzic, the unloved winner

Rarely was a coach so unanimous against him. In his 30th game on the national team bench against the . was hated by a large majority of the public Liberia, Tuesday 14 June, Vahid halilhodzic was entitled to a broca memorable that the victory did not fade (2-0).

The enthusiasm that prevailed when he was appointed in August 2019 still seemed far away. Almost three years Qatar. But the resident of jablanica doesn’t sound convincing.

His victories are celebrated as defeats and these rare setbacks are experienced as tragedies. “I don’t understand your expectations,” he also confided during his last press conference, on the evening of June 14, with a misunderstanding that he struggles to hide.

A week later, protests died down without anyone really knowing why. Vahid halilhodzic stood in the eye of the storm. If the elimination in the quarter-finals of An uncompromising coach

at 70, Vahid halilhodzic no longer tries to hide his reputation as a man of character. Wherever he went, he carried the same rigorous anecdotes with him. The character’s intransigence is served by his powerful accent and sense of the formula that gripped the French show. the horns of info by dedicating a doll to him.

“He makes no concessions. He is able to go after things even if we can think it will get the team in trouble” said about him the former defender Arnaud Le lan, in the columns ofcrew.

Huge Goalscorer heartbeat Nantes in the 80s, halilhodzic coached Ivory Coast,Algeria and Japan. With results on key only one shortened experience. He always qualified for the World Cup.

But after attacking Ivorian egos (2010), he scratches the statutes in Japan (2018) and sponsors tremble at the idea of ​​not seeing Japanese stars in Russia. Results, the manager takes the door a few months before the start of a match he will not have disputed in the end then at the Fennecs in 2014, released eighth by future champions of the German world

From one country to another, the globe trotting doesn’t seem to change many methods. “Besides a pseudo-arrogance during press conferences, it is blamed” Vahid halilhodzic case management Ussair Mazraoui and Hakim Ziyech” explains the sports journalist, amine rahmuni.

Contrary to the Bosnic without anyone really knowing why, the attacking midfielder of chelsea has actually not set foot in the sports center of mamoura since June 2021, unlike mazraoui, selected without playing in the last rally. But the absence of Ziyech is less to punish that it seems.

Morocco performs well without Ziyech

Author of 17 goals and 10 assists in 40 rosters,Ziyech is amazing player, but me have no the impression he left an indelible stamp in the national team” underlined amine rahmouni, referring to the example of his poor performance at the 2018 World Cup and his missed penalty in CAN 2019, against Benin.

some claim that if the blues appeared again, it would be the catalyst for a much more engaging game and a more attractive collective identity. On the first point, the statistics reveal: a very different one reality. Without ziyech, Morocco scores more goals (2.4 goals against 2), to create more chances (8 against 7), shoot more (15 shots against 11) and presses the opponent more effectively (10 pressings passed against 8).

When it comes to the game ID, it’s fake debate, because “Apart from Spain, there is no team in modern football that can be proud of a playing identity peculiar to herThe players train too little together in the selection to have one.” shadow amine rahmuni.

And to ask yourself, “Could we actually rather play a team?” good, but who? lose or a team that plays halilodzic”† Despite a vague game identity, Yet Morocco radiates an impression of collective strength.

As evidenced by qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. In eight encounters, saiss and his teammates suffered no defeats, had the best defense and second best offense

Little confidence given to players local

Failing to create the necessary conditions to develop a beautiful game, Vahid halilhodzic can brag though to have returned nobility Bee the national team and the players have always valued the fairness of its decisions.

“He formed a disciplined group unlike his predecessors. Especially at the time of Hervé Renard, the internationals came to the national team as if it were a holiday club” to remind rahmuni.

By refocusing attitude and performance, halilhodzic succeeded where many failed. Unlike, he lost the same bet as his predecessors, that of the integration of the players of the championship.

Considering the results of Moroccan clubs on the continent in recent yearslack of Vahid to the players of botola flirt with blindness. And for good reason, the rajah, the Wydad and Berkane have ruled the continent for the past two years after winning three African Confederations Cups and a Champions League.

But the eight local players called up by halilhodzic since taking function, who are still residents of the botola Pro, collect 475 minutes of playing time for only 11 performances. That is less than Faisal fajr (511′) alone, whose performances have never left an everlasting memory.

In other words, coach Vahid is far from in line with the sports policy established by the Federation. “It consists of having a national team made up of about 70% local players and 30% came from Europe” found it Ahmed chuari, former scout in France for Morocco, in the January 5, 2022 edition of the newspaper L’Équipe.

But are these grievances enough to fire the B?osnic less than five months before the World Cup?

A hierarchy of absent subscribers

“The answer is in the question” says amine rahmuni. “When it’s hard to build a team” three yearsis it not possible to do this in five months For those who bet on a hypothetical psychological effect on the players after the change of coach, they seem to omit the results advocating the technician in place, but also the reality of selection football.

In a club, the change of coach is generally accompanied by a psychological shock that is beneficial to the players. This is rarely the case with selection. But such a scenario, however radical, could at least help to alleviate the heavy atmosphere surrounding the selection, whose Vahid halilhodzic is not solely responsible.

“Leave doubt, the FRMF the coach weakens. We need to make a decision as soon as possible and stick to it” hopes amine rahmuni. “Either the Federation hold it in place and the support he continues, “or she feels he is no longer the man for the job and replace it as soon as possible”.

But from there to to orchestrate a clique and so on against a 70-year-old man. We have always behaved well with the coaches, there is no reason to change that. This case does not give a good picture of theInternational, because Morocco is the only team in the World Cup whose coach was booed on qualifying night,” he concludes.

We will refrain from speculating about the future of Vahid halilhodzic out of respect for the position and for the man. But undoubtedly in the history book of the national team, the Bosnic will surely leave the contrasting imprint of an unloved winner.

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