Suffering from fibromyalgia, Véronique Labbé prioritizes her health

Véronique Labbé has been active in country music for 25 years. Multi-talented woman, together with her husband she composed the song for her new music video Finally, directed by Steph Carse, winner of three Emmy Awards for his performance. However, the artist suffers from fibromyalgia and prioritizes his health.

The singer celebrated her 25e career anniversary amid a pandemic. Instead of touring theaters as planned to celebrate the release of his new album, Honky Tonk Baron February 25, Véronique Labbé, accompanied by dancers, singers and guests, gave a series of shows on the Live dance ton salon platform, in addition to continuing to host On the way to the west on MAtv, whose next season starts this fall.

country with family

Véronique connects the projects: “I have about fifteen shows planned this summer. It’s for sure not as usual: normally I would have planned a lot more shows for this date. On the other hand, one thing is certain: she will participate in the Western Festival of Saint-Tite for the 25e time this year. In her personal life she is fulfilled. “My lover is a police officer and he writes songs with me. He was eager to participate. He is my security, and we have two beautiful little friends together, Chloé, 10, who sings and plays the violin, and Félix, 13, who sings and plays the guitar. Both take music lessons and enjoy it. They are also enrolled in the choir and the band from the school in Napierville. I had them come on stage with me. Félix even sang a song with my musicians in front of 3000 or 4000 people. It is very impressive to see how comfortable it is. It’s the same on Chloe’s side. She played for a sound control one of my shows, and my boy accompanied him. It was really nice!”

Photo: Special collaboration / La clique

Chalet and Fibromyalgia

Just before the pandemic, the couple bought a chalet at the end of La Minerve, near Tremblant. Véronique loves the outdoor activities she does with her boyfriend and the children: this is how she recharges her batteries. She attaches great importance to taking good care of herself, as the singer suffers from fibromyalgia. “I’ve calmed down over time, I choose my fights. The pandemic has made me restructure and do projects that I wouldn’t have had time for otherwise. I also had to rethink what I really want; for example, do I always want to be on the go When I got to the cabin I saw I needed this I’ve learned to prioritize I need to be healthy I have fibromyalgia I’m hyperactive so fibromyalgia affects me less but it has lately still affects my voice My neck is so tense that sometimes I just sing and then bar I have osteopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic sessions I have taken two months from to rest and be in good shape for the summer.” Exactly, you can go to his site ( and on social networks to see all the dates and places of his shows. She will sing at least once with Steph Carse, with whom she recorded the song Finally, which she composed with her partner, Jocelyn Rémillard. Steph, winner of three Emmy Awards for music videos, is the one who directed Finallya clip that can now be seen.

He is like a brother to her. It’s all a family affair. As Véronique says: “Land is my rhythm of life. His connecting side appeals to me. This music has both a nostalgic and a serene side. It comes to get me, to rest. I grew up on stage with my mother. The rural world is like my second family to me.

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