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Summer promises to be eventful on Earth and in the sky. The summer season kicks off this Tuesday, June 21, 2022 with the Northern Hemisphere solstice, bringing us closer to the holidays and making us dream of escape.

The cancer season with its sweetness and emotionality is starting to feel in the air. A season in which you want to use your heart more than your head, which is not always the best idea… But in the summer all the madness is allowed!

This week has no major planetary event to shake up the zodiac. This is a perfect week to rest and think about the future, while enjoying the present moment!


Cosmic energy has been charged in your sign since the beginning of spring. This causes great excitement in you, but also great fear. This week with Saturn retrograde in your home of the unconscious, it’s a great time to slow down and think deeply about your future.


Venus is leaving her home in your zodiac sign this week. The “la vie en rose” effect you experienced all June will disappear and Saturn in your work and career field will prompt you to restructure your goals in this field. Stay focused, because with a little work on your part, great things can happen to you.


Mercury in your sign is faster than ever, just like your mind. It gives you the mental acuity to develop an effective plan of action. Take advantage of this to start new projects. The sun is leaving your zodiac sign this week. Because of this relentless movement, you notice a small drop in energy. Rest assured, this is completely normal!


Your season fills you with the energy of the Star King. You feel your mind warming up and you dare to do the most incredible things. In love your intensity will be felt. Pluto in your couple’s home can lead you to try to manipulate others to achieve your goals. Beware of dangerous games.


This week is the perfect time to plan a trip. If you plan it now, there’s a good chance it will be a huge success. Venus in your workhouse indicates that you are a good candidate for a raise or promotion.


This week, Saturn may worry you about your health. This can be a good opportunity to do a general examination of your health status. The moon in Pisces at the beginning of the week will keep you in a not very pleasant state of hypersensitivity. But that will pass after this Tuesday, June 21, 2022, with the Moon in Aries accompanying the solstice, bringing a hefty dose of energy to your love and couple zone.


This week you will struggle to express your essence, with Saturn in your home of creativity and self-expression. The good news is that the Moon in Taurus on June 24, 2022 brings good luck in the field of love! Stay open and alert for lightning strikes!


Pluto, your ruling planet, positions itself in your favor, doubling your natural intuition. You can trust your feelings with your eyes closed. Be careful, because this planet can also tend to give you some dark ideas. Keep a clear mind.


Saturn will make you doubt your abilities. If you have a trip planned this week, there is a good chance that there will be delays or unforeseen events. Plan ahead and think of every detail that could spoil your trip. And then relax, because there are unforeseen events that are inevitable in life!


Small money issues can make your week a little sore. If your expenses aren’t being managed properly (and we’d be surprised if you are), now’s the time to keep an eye on them or it could snowball. This week, self-love is at the rendezvous. You will have fun and it will do you good!


Saturn in retrograde in your sign is rather a good thing for you. The questioning this planet forces you to do will make you a wiser person. Venus in your home will make you want to rethink your home decor to beautify your space and make you feel more at home.


Neptune in your house of material possessions and money puts you in the dark. Jupiter also in this astrological house lets you spend lavishly. It’s time to watch your spending so you don’t regret it later. The summer solstice of June 21, 2022 seems like an ideal time for you to find love. Take advantage of this festive day to open your heart to new sensations.

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