Video games/On switch. [Test] Mario Strikers: Battle League Football: A beautiful football!

It is the football of yesteryear, that of when you were a child, with almost no rules and above all a lot of fun. Except there are… no rules in it Mario Strikers: Battle League Footballexcept that of scoring one goal more than the opponent to win.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football † Nintendo took its time but released a franchise on Switch that we kind of forgot about. Seeing Mario and his friends kick a soccer ball is indeed not covered by the sentence. And yet the concept was almost the same on Game Cube in 2005 with Mario Smash Football† Two years later, the Wii got a sequel with Mario Strikers Charged Football† And then… that’s all, until spring 2022.

The law of the strongest

As we said, the rules are obsolete in Mario Strikers: Battle League for a resolute arcade result. Imagine, no card because no foul, no offside, really no headache! All means are good to get the ball over the line. Besides, the referee stayed in the locker room…

On one of the six available jobs, the encounters quickly turn into a rat race. All kinds of tackles, buggies in the back towards an electrified fence, objects thrown at an opponent – banana, red and green shells, bomb – or boost – mushroom and invincible star – like a Mario Kart: we have a nice panel to show the team opposite.

The notion of fair play becomes rather relative, even if the public will be able to – by offering items – dry up for the player without the ball or team in distress on the ground.

But to win these 5vs5 matches (four fielders and a goalkeeper), you still need to master the attack phase a bit. Following the lengthy tutorial that opens up the first series, we realize that the title hides a real technical aspect under very rough (or brutal!) approaches. Nintendo has deepened its gameplay by combining basic soccer gestures with more advanced abilities, such as being able to pass a pass while in full control of the ball. Perfect for deep openings!

It is not necessary to know everything to have fun and even win. But working on your foundations can’t hurt. Knowing how to tackle and dribble is almost a requirement, even if an endurance meter (also valid for sprints) prevents performers from multiplying the charms. It’s also all about skill and coordination. By loading the gauges just enough, we will link the perfect shots/passes/tackles together for greater efficiency.

The level of the guards – too bad it’s always the same character and we have no control over it – is quite arbitrary. They remain quite tolerant with diagonal attacks, setbacks or even volleys on the surface. But above all, hyperstrikes do the most damage. It is, in a sense, the secret weapon of each of the ten characters.

To arm this cannonball you need to pick up an orb when it spawns, then charge its shot and press at the right time to stop the cursor in the correct two meters. A cartoon clip is then activated, reminiscent of Captain Tsubasa’s, with the most beautiful effect. If everything is perfectly executed, the goal is scored. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait for the keeper’s reaction – to stop, you have to drum on a key – and cross your fingers. And by the way, a successful hyperstrike counts for two goals! Bonus did you say? Provided of course not addressed at the time of the strike…

think like a team

we wrote it, Mario Strikers: Battle League don shorts, sweaters, and cleats for ten characters (Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Peach, Harmony, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Bowser). It’s not huge, but extra free content should boost the starting list. Of course, everyone has their own characteristics and you can only choose one character at a time, with the exception of Yoshi and Toad who can multiply.

The idea is to join forces to have a fairly balanced team. Betting on speed alone against the big boys can be tempting, but eventually turns out to be quite frustrating once you run out of the ball… Thanks to the wins and the coins collected, it is possible to improve the skills of our footballers by equipping them with specific equipment. have it tested (20 in total). To minimize their mistakes or accentuate their abilities, that is the question.

Either way, the fun is always there. If the single-player mode is clearly not the nerves of the war, for lack of a story mode, it invites us to six parts. Five of them emphasize teams with a pronounced strong point, the latter bring more balanced profiles to the field. In normal mode, the challenge is all relative. On the other hand, once the galactic mode is activated, it’s a different story and the AI ​​finally uses all available possibilities.

The heart of Mario Strikers: Battle League continues the Club Strikers and its esports approach with online ranking (6 points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss), promotion/relegation every week and weekly challenges. Once you’ve created your club, shirt, logo and stadium, which can be further customized, you can accommodate up to 20 members. The games will be a maximum of 4vs4. Being a member of a club has a fun community side and you get caught up in the game.

Sometimes confused when the ball disappears into the scrum or under a pyrotechnic deluge, Mario Strikers: Battle League brings up-to-date a permit (wrongly?) neglected. In this beautiful football, contrary to all sporting and ethical rules and subject to many twists and turns, the main thing is not to participate, but to win. And to laugh.

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