The Kaori 5.50: A marine and eco-friendly scow

He’s wanted the Kaori 5.50 since his presentation at the Grand Pavois 2021, but it was worth the wait!

On the other hand, if the Kaori is not a champion upwind, it is very comfortable on the range. Credit: Paul Gury.

Indeed, this friendly-looking boat has some good arguments to make. First, it boasts an eco-friendly strip plank construction with a carbon footprint ten times lower than a similarly sized GRP sailboat. How ?

By making a sandwich for the hull and deck, designed with a larch core, the same wood that the Vikings used for their sturdy longships, and an outer skin of flax fiber associated with a 30% organic resin (Greenpoxy). The idea of ​​the boss of the Kaori Concept shipyard, Flavien Gaulard, associated with this virtuous project with the architect Gildas Plessis, was to meet exacting specifications: to create an ethical, aesthetic and maritime sailboat in the spirit of the first snails late 19th century North Americans. There’s nothing like a tough test in Bourgneuf Bay with a northerly wind of at least 15 knots with gusts to validate this last point.

For aesthetics, it is known, all flavors are in nature. And objectively, apart from a non-slip deck that is certainly very effective but a bit coarse, we find its line a feast for the eyes. A good impression that will be confirmed under sail. But it’s the impressions at his helm that will be the real judge. Immediate boarding followed by a thunderous departure under sail at the end of the bad luck for visitors to the marina of Pornic.

A hull that brings stability

With its rounded bow, full water intakes, wide transom and twin dinghy-style lifting rudders, the Kaori 5.50 takes full advantage of its hull shapes to maintain stability, well aided by a keel lift weighing up to 107 kg.

Credit Paul Gury.

It should be noted that with a tailgating, it automatically raises. At this rate there’s no point attacking a tight close-haul that quickly becomes ineffective, as on this sailboat it’s a matter of knocking down a bit and then getting a lean angle before you can launch the horses. Rappelling straps also need to see the light of day to gain comfort when the crew is on the counter list.

The bar is soft and above all easy to handle even when we go into overdrive. The idea of ​​the yard was to give preference to quiet day trips, or even to be able to go on a coastal trip for a few days with your small family. It was therefore necessary to be able to “beach” at will and still guarantee a navigation that was always under control.

But below deck also offers enough space to anchor parents and children. The cabin is accessible through a watertight canopy and is XXL dimensions for a unit less than 6 meters long. Lockers run along the planking and two large storage spaces are accessible under the cockpit. What to see to store necessities and personal belongings for a short cruise…

A real transporter!

In a rush to see what he’s got in his stomach, we’re not longnot be knocked down to let the power of the fireplace manifest. Downwind a bit pointed, his preferred speed, the boat gets the miles at good speed without ever giving the feeling of being untameable. It must be said that in the absence of a spinnaker, despite our efforts, it is difficult to get it on plane: it is a bit frustrating!

Back at the docks it’s time to get him out of his element to stick to the slipway opening times. Again, with proper transport, the operation is carried out at full speed. Itou for the mast removal and preparation for road transport, which will be carried out in half an hour. Offered at the reasonable price of €42,000we bet the Kaori won’t fail its audience!

The Kaori 5.50 in 4 points

1. The living space of the cabin is 2.20 m long and 1.50 m wide in front of the pillar. Two shelves on each side allow you to store the day’s essentials.

2. The height under the deck at the foot of the canopy is 1 m.

3. The width of the aisle at the height of the casing chain plates is 0.30 m.

4. The large cockpit has good dimensions: 2.50 m long from the transom to the hatch and 0.93 m wide at the height of the seats.


LONG. HULL 5.45m
WIDTH 2.06m
DESIGN 0.15-1.60 m

SHIFT 350kg

SV AT 22 m2
MATERIAL sand. flax fiber/larch/biosourced epoxy resin

CONSTRUCTION strip planking
ARCHITECTS G. Plessis/G. Bee
MANUFACTURER kaori concept
CE CATEGORY C/3-4 persons

START PRICE €42,000 (with sails)

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