The “Pogmentary”, When Football Becomes Reality TV

HASclose to Antoine Griezmann, Neymar or even Georgina Rodriguez, the companion of Cristiano Ronaldo, a new documentary dedicated to a star of the round ball is born on Prime Video, the Amazon streaming platform. Title ambitious, she immerses us in the world of Paul Pogba in five episodes of half an hour each. The Blues midfielder looks back on his career, from the Paris suburbs to Manchester United via Juventus. In common thread, his future that is in suspense. Back to the old lady? New destination? The documentary does not provide this information, but attempts to explain the context with Mino Raiola, his recently deceased agent, and his lawyer, Rafaela Pimenta.

Taking the shape, too smooth on the bottom

In addition to his next club, Paul Pogba talks about his family, his religion, his injuries, but also about his way of life, especially inspired by the United States. Asked by Point, Brandon Lattuca, communications specialist in the sports world and founder of Line-Up Team, believes that the exercise on form is quite successful. “We have short episodes, but they are very dynamic. Multiple speakers, the cartoon passages, his voice over, lots of different topics covered in each episode… It’s powerful. “The many points of view on Paul Pogba allow us to better understand the player who certainly won the 2018 World Cup with the Blues, but who remains generally frustrated with his club career.

With his open and cheerful personality, Paul Pogba as a father comes to fulfillment throughout the series. With his two children and his wife, he found the stability needed to forget the physical problems and worries on the side of Manchester United. “This communication is like him. Pogba is spectacular by nature and bling-bling, fashion, lifestyle, it suits him well. He is quite uninhibited, even though in his interviews he also talks about his moral values, his simplicity and the value of effort. We’re going to see an adult Pogba who takes on himself in this documentary,” said the communications expert.

‘Players are stronger than clubs on the networks’

Footballers are becoming more and more powerful in marketing terms and thus become the protagonists of their sport. They stand for clubs that sometimes have less reach than their protégés on social networks. “Pogba has calculated that well with the timing of his end to his adventure at Manchester United. It is getting close to reality TV, we want to keep the supporter in suspense. Juventus cannot announce their return today because the documentary would lose its flavor. Pogba also has 2 million subscribers more than Juventus on Instagram. They just lost Paulo Dybala who had a big marketing impact, they need a new head of the media gondola. Paul Pogba ticks all the boxes,” analyzes Brandon in July, the 29-year-old will be free to bond wherever he pleases.

So players would be masters of time, able to control everything and leave nothing to chance? This theory was verified with Kylian Mbappe, who kept millions of fans on the PSG side as well as Real Madrid in suspense before deciding to stay in Paris. “Global statistics show that football superstars have taken over from several clubs,” says Brandon Lattuca. Fans and consumers prefer to follow a single player. The power comes first from the consumer, the documentary is an extra step compared to communication on social networks. We can see reality TV day to day. If Pogba decides we’re filming him in the locker room all the time, I wouldn’t be surprised. †

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If the documentary opens the doors to the intimacy of Pogba and his family, we may regret speaking too briskly and cutting certain passages. Racism and depression, two topics the French international mentioned in previous years, are not addressed at all in this series. “Finally we have a much more classic documentary than expected. I think the majority of viewers will appreciate the documentary, but will remain dissatisfied. Will surprise Pogba, up to 1er July, date announced for the formalization of his transfer? concludes Brandon Lattuca. After this series, Paul Pogba made no secret of his desire to make films. Soon a Pogsaga?

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