Ex-Concordia footballer found guilty of human trafficking | “I will come to Montreal and kill you”

A former Concordia University football player has been found guilty of forcing a woman into prostitution between Montreal and Toronto for five years. The burly André Bryan Rose did not hesitate to hit the victim, threaten him with death, even order him to kneel before him and chase him.

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Louis-Samuel Perron

Louis-Samuel Perron
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“I’m going to kill you…I’m coming to Montreal and kill you,” the 31-year-old Torontonian told the victim in February 2018. The young Quebecer had just fled from her executioner in Queen City. seek refuge in Montreal. It was the end of five long years under the spell of André Bryan Rose, ex-college football player turned pimp.

André Bryan Rose was furious in the Montreal courthouse on Tuesday when Judge Josée Bélanger found him guilty of charges of human trafficking, pimp, assault and death threats in a comprehensive 75-page decision.

“I was angry! ‘ he threw at the judge, who was about to issue a warrant for his arrest because the accused refused to return to the courtroom. Judge Bélanger flatly rejected André Bryan Rose’s version, pointing out his “implausible” answers, his “evolving” testimony and his numerous contradictions.

Even if the victim’s testimony was “not perfect,” Judge Bélanger believed her version. Exceptional housing arrangements have been put in place to allow the victim to complete his grueling three-day cross-examination. For example, the victim was able to testify next to Sundae, an assistance dog, and he had a stress ball. The defense tried to attack the victim’s credibility for this reason, but Judge Bélanger rejected these “stereotypes”.

† [Ton] body will be found in a lake”

The Torontonian met the victim in a bar in the summer of 2010. He then studied at Concordia University, as he had been awarded a scholarship to join the soccer team. The victim, she comes from adolescence and barely speaks English. She will maintain that she has had a sexual relationship with the suspect without mutual consent. Two years later, the victim sees André Bryan Rose by chance again in Toronto and becomes captivated.

However, it was in 2013 that the victim first offered his sexual services at a spa to please André Bryan Rose. She had never prostituted herself in the past.

Her first experience repelled her, but the pimp nevertheless insisted that she drop out of college and devote herself to sex work. For months she practiced “erotic” massages at a spa.

In the years that followed, the pimp tightened his grip on the young woman, thus exercising “total control” over her earnings and her schedule. So he never lets her take leave. André Bryan Rose then uses threats and psychological pressure to keep the victim in the sex work, the judge concluded.

For example, if the victim tells him he doesn’t want to work anymore, André Bryan Rose responds by stabbing someone to mimic. The pimp also says he has access to firearms. Note that the victim also worked for another pimp in 2015.

The physically imposing pimp uses physical violence a few times. The former football player grabs the victim by the head for a few seconds, to the point that she can no longer breathe. “Go back to work,” he orders. In 2017, André Bryan Rose pressed the young woman against the wall and ordered her to kneel before him to prove to him that she was truly devoted (ten toes down

André Bryan Rose holds the key to the safe around his neck where he keeps the victim’s earnings. One time, he threatens her that if he ever fails to find her key, her “body would be found in a lake.” At trial, the victim testified that this threat “cooled her blood”.

The case will go to court next September for sentencing. me Jean-Philippe Mackay represented the public ministry, while Me Tom Pentefountas defended the accused.

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