The first “earth market” in Quebec is in Val-David

International recognition

Posted on June 16, 2022 by Martin Dumont

Worldwide, only 82 markets in 28 countries have been awarded the Earth Market award. Thus, the organization Marchés d’ici, which manages the Val-David market, has joined the very select network of the most demanding public markets in the world for the quality and traceability of local products, all offered at a fair price.

The Val-David Summer Market is the first in Quebec to receive the Marché de la Terre award.  (Photo Northern Info-Laureen Peers)

The Val-David Summer Market is the first in Quebec to receive the Marché de la Terre award. (Photo Northern Info-Laureen Peers)

The Mayor of Val-David, Dominique Forget, the Minister and Member of Parliament for the Laurentians Nadine Gireault, as well as Diane Séguin, founder of the Val-David Summer Market.  (Photo Northern Info-Laureen Peers)

22 years ago, Diane Séguin, a lover of gastronomy and local products, founded the Val-David Summer Market to give locals access to fresh and affordable products. Today, its success inspires several other places in Quebec.

International recognition

The Marché de la Terre certification was awarded by the Slow Food organization which, unlike fast food, is committed to the defense of artisanal agriculture and fights for respect for the environment. Each year, the Val-David Market receives about 55,000 visitors. Its success has led the Marchés d’ici organization to manage 6 other markets in Quebec.

Community Adventure

“The Marché de la Terre certification only applies to local, fresh and seasonal products, the result of a process that respects the environment and workers. The Earth Markets are places where you can not only buy quality products, but also build and maintain a community. As spaces for exchange and education,” explains Slow Food, an Italian organization founded in 1986 by Carlo Petrini.

A well deserved success

The enthusiasm of the locals for its market has certainly contributed to the success of the Val-David Market. “The population of neighboring villages and also tourism,” says founder Diane Séguin. Slow Food certification makes the Val-David market an international model of local gastronomy. The village of Val-David, the cradle of various cultural and community adventures, is once again the scene of a small revolution.

“Certification brings another dimension to the market […] the fact that there is recognition from others, from people who share our values ​​of respect for the earth, is good for the heart,” says Diane Séguin.

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