A $10.5 million project from Moment Factory in Village Québécois d’antan (update)

TOURISM. The Moment Factory experience comes to the Village québécois d’antan (VQA). The $10.5 million project will benefit from funding totaling nearly $6 million.

Projections, lighting, special effects, games and multimedia animations. Visitors to Village québécois d’antan will experience the most complete immersion in the 20th century thanks to the technologies of Moment Factory.

“The theme of the project “Enter history” takes on its full meaning with what Moment Factory has to offer. We are literally entering the 20th century”, says Guy Bellehumeur, general manager of the VQA.

Three phases are planned, the first of which will start in 2023. Moment Factory’s technologies will first be integrated into homes and buildings, and an augmented reality playground will expand the offerings, as will the addition of actors and professional directors.

Guy Bellehumeur, General Manager of Village Québécois d’antan. (Photo Ghyslain Bergeron)

“It’s also an opportunity to set annual themes. For example, we can talk about women’s history, hockey or recycling. So many reasons to come back every year,” says the general manager.

The second phase, in 2024, will be dedicated to the creation of a night walk.

“One of our goals was to extend the site’s activity periods, especially in the summer. We will also add technology to the Haunted Village and the Illuminated Village.”

Finally, the addition of a festive and gastronomic component is planned in 2025.

“We will continue to create rural feasts on the farm. This is an opportunity to sample village and local products while learning the different methods of preparing and preserving food. Of course there will be an animation component at Moment Factory”, says Mr. Belle mood.

Jean-Mathieu Sigouin, President of Village Québécois d’antan. (Photo Ghyslain Bergeron)

He stated that the VQA team wants to further develop its sustainable development component.

“We want to act decisively with our events as a vector of education. Families will be delighted to hear that people of the past had environmentally responsible practices.”

To implement this project, the Quebec government is providing $4.8 million under the Ministry of Tourism’s Tourism Industry Assistance Program, while the city of Drummondville is allocating $1 M$.

“This is an announcement that I consider historic for the future of the village and especially the influence of Drummondville. It is the culmination of several years of work. When I joined the Board of Directors in 2019, I had only one idea in mind: to bring the Village into a new era. A new era in which it could increase its appeal, improve regional and provincial tourism and above all ensure its sustainability,” explains the President, Jean-Mathieu Sigouin.

“There are still plenty of elements to define and other collaborators will be added to this project, so we’ll make other announcements eventually,” the director general said.

“What a great playground we have here and what a great challenge to showcase Quebec’s heritage through our technologies,” said Pierre-Olivier Perron, producer at Moment Factory.

Pierre-Olivier Perron, producer at Moment Factory. (Photo Ghyslain Bergeron)

This company, specializing in the design and production of immersive environments, has carried out projects all over the world.

According to the forecasts of the firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, the project announced today will generate significant spin-offs.

Traffic will double in the first three years and triple after five years. It also estimates that 13,500 nights will be booked annually in hotels in the region.

In addition, four new permanent jobs will be created, as well as 15 seasonal workers, without forgetting that the project will consolidate 250 jobs.

“We have proposed three phases, but we already have ideas for a number of others,” suggests Guy Bellehumeur.

2017 vs 2022

In 2017, Village québécois d’antan launched the Invisible Village, with 15 zones that transport visitors virtually to another universe thanks to projections, lighting, holograms and lasers, through an application. This nocturnal activity did not have the desired success, mainly due to various technological failures, which caused the VQA to cancel the contract with the partners at the time. According to Guy Bellehumeur, this project has nothing to do with what Moment Factory has to offer.

“I came to post that summer. It was a failure because we were working a lot with mobile phones at the time and the technology was really lacking. It was financially difficult and it tempered the board’s hunger for innovative things. But you shouldn’t draw a parallel with 2017. Multimedia, I think, is an unavoidable trend in tourism today. We worked with several consultancies and industry players. We have developed our projects according to our DNA and this trend. In short, we had time to consider all the options. And if there is a reliable company in technology, it is Moment Factory. We have a safe bet,” he says.

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