The Argonauts want to impose themselves by making new with old

Running Andrew Harris, 35, whom the Winnipeg Blue Bombers feared was too slow, and wide receiver Brandon Banks, 34, who no longer saw the Hamilton Tiger-Cats as the league’s most valuable player. energy saving lamps he was in 2019, both chose to join the Toronto team this spring to help it find the heights it has already known.

Heading into the Argos regular season opener, they both said they were on the attack, ready to show they have more in the tank than their former teams said.

I don’t feel oldHarris said in a press conference on Tuesday, two days before his appearance on the MET field against Montreal. In fact, yes, in the dressing room, when I listen to conversations I don’t understand at all about the music of the moment. But if not, I’m ready for a dominant season!

Harris, already inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, has three Gray Cup rings to his name. He led the 2017-19 CFL in rushing yards, but suffered a relapse last year when injuries limited him to seven games. However, he bounced back in the playoffs to become the 107th. namede Gray Cup final, which he won with Winnipeg in Hamilton.

Last year I was not as healthy as nowhe said. I feel confident. I feel strong now. I feel ready to be myself on the field, moving the chainers, tackling and serving as a quarterback option through the air.

Head coach Ryan Dinwiddie is therefore not worried. He expects that a solid season of his new running back, where he will have the ball % des jeux au sol”,”text”:”pour 90% des jeux au sol”}}”>for 90% of the ground games

ans], il trainait encore Winnipeg sur ses épaules et on l’a compris”,”text”:”Andrew a toujours été pour nous le pari le moins risqué. On l’a vu bien jouer l’an dernier. Ils (les Blue Bombers) ont gagné chaque match auquel il a pris part et [à 34ans], il trainait encore Winnipeg sur ses épaules et on l’a compris”}}”>Andrew has always been the least risky bet for us. We saw him play well last year. They (the Blue Bombers) have won every game he has played in and… [à 34 ans]he was still dragging Winnipeg on his shoulders and we got ithe said.

leap of faith) et il nous a déjà récompensés au camp d’entraînement.”,”text”:”En revanche, avec Speedy B (Brandon Banks), il y avait plus de doutes. Malheureusement, les blessures ont fait dérailler sa saison l’an dernier […] Nous avons fait un saut de la foi (leap of faith) et il nous a déjà récompensés au camp d’entraînement.”}}”>Speedy B (Brandon Banks), on the other hand, had more doubts. Unfortunately, injuries derailed his season last year […] We took a leap of faith (leap of faith) and he already rewarded us in training camp.

The Argonauts have taken over star players Brandon Banks and Andrew Harris this winter.

Photo: The Canadian Press

Banks, who could be considered ‘old’ by professional football standards at 34, seemed to find this off-season fountain of youth given the impression he’s made on his team-mates lately.

Physically I feel better than when I was the best player in the leaguehe assured, he who will start his first season with the Argos in 2022, but his ninth in the CFL.

Speedy B peut encore faire.”,”text”:”Je ne sais pas si je vieillis à l’envers ou pas, mais je me sens de retour, en santé et frais. Je suis prêt à leur montrer à tous ce que Speedy B peut encore faire.”}}”>I don’t know if I’m aging backwards or not, but I feel back, healthy and fresh. I’m ready to show them all what fast B can still do.

For defensive lineman Ja’Gared Davis, a newcomer to the Argonauts from Hamilton, Banks and Harris can also be of great help.

ans, et il est dans le top 2à sa position alors l’âge n’est littéralement qu’un chiffre. Tout dépend de ta passion et ton dévouement envers le sport.”,”text”:”Comme vous pouvez le voir, (Tom) Brady joue encore, à près de 45ans, et il est dans le top 2à sa position alors l’âge n’est littéralement qu’un chiffre. Tout dépend de ta passion et ton dévouement envers le sport.”}}”>As you can see (Tom) Brady is still playing, almost 45, and he’s in the top 2 in his position, so age is literally just a number. It all depends on your passion and dedication to the sport.

And for the main stakeholder, the love his new teammates have for football is enough to convince him even before the Torontonians’ season kicks off.

Kicker Boris Bede admits he had his doubts at first about the integration of these star players in the Toronto roster, but he too was quickly convinced.

I was wondering how these guys would get there how would they fit in with the culture we have in Toronto and honestly they did it with no issues and they are part of the team and we are really looking forward to seeing them see perform now!

Head coach Ryan Dinwiddie has confirmed that McLeod Bethel-Thompson will begin his second season in charge of the Argonauts attack under his command. Chad Kelly will help him.

Injury-wise, center Peter Nicastro and receivers Eric Rogers and Juwan Brescacin are sure to miss the start of the season. Defending defender Chris Edwards will also miss his team’s first games due to a CFL suspension for his role in an altercation with a fan after last year’s Eastern Finals.

The Argonauts will receive the Montreal Alouettes on Thursday at 7.30 pm MET field from Toronto. The Quebec metropolitan team lost 30-27 to the Calgary Stampeders last Thursday in their first game of the season.

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