overview of the colours, prints and pieces that will mark the year!

What can you expect in terms of fashion this year? What colors/patterns do you prefer? Which pieces to adopt and which ones to banish? Get ready, the next twelve months are loading in style! So follow our guide to discover the 2022 fashion trends you can adopt with open arms + some old-fashioned faux pas to forget once and for all! Some of you just have to rummage through your mom’s (or your grandmother’s) wardrobe to find this season’s must-haves.

The fashion trends we’ll leave in 2021 and adopt in 2022

The fashion trends of 2022 are officially here and all the savvy fashionistas are asking themselves the same question: what will fashion be like in 2022? Fortunately, the editors of Deavita.fr are on site and will tell you a little more about the fashion novelties that will make the current year. So, what’s going on in the cold months? The fashion trends for winter 2022 are pretty clear: keep warm, adopt the layering, to be worn in style. Spring-Summer 2022, on the other hand, promises striking and daring looks. Micro denim skirts, low-waisted trousers, strappy sandals with XS heels, velvet clothing… the sunny days mark the return of the 2000s and you won’t mind. In short, every season has its avalanche of fashion trends to shop the most stylish!

The star colors and prints of 2022

women's fashion trends winter 2022 color year pantone very peri

Synonymous with femininity and creativity, the star shade of the year 2022 promises to brighten up your wardrobe, according to Pantone. How to wear it without missing anything? With such a dynamic color it is impossible to play it discreetly. To take full advantage of it, display it proudly in an all-monochrome look that will refine your silhouette, but also leave you looking a few years younger. For savvy fashionistas, next year’s purple star pairs perfectly with vibrant hues like orange and red.

colors printed women's fashion trends 2022 jacquemus spring summer show

In this context, orange and red also seem to be on the agenda on miniskirts, dresses, small bags and jackets to dethrone pink and all its variations that reigned in 2021. with dots! Very shy but easy to wear, he makes his coming back this spring-summer. Mini or maxi, in black and white or colored, the polka dot print is worn on a strong piece such as a jumpsuit, a long dress with ruffles or a skirt.

color trends spring summer women's fashion 2022

A strong trend for 2021 that will have just as much effect in 2022, sequins will shine even more brightly this winter. And after they set fire to the runways of Givenchy, Paco Rabanne, Versace and Valentino, they invite themselves into your wardrobe. Gold or silver, sequins are no longer limited to evening wear. This year they promise to sublimate all your clothes. You will find them in small details on your favorite accessories or completely copied from head to toe on strong pieces: dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, crop tops, etc.

The must-have fashion pieces of 2022

women's fashion trends winter spring 2022 accessories must-have items

Founded in 2021, the hood is looking to make a comeback this year by doing away with its childish label we all hated when we were little. In the jeans and trouser department, we see a return to the low-rise waist that pairs beautifully with the chain belt, another key trend set to make its own in 2022. In this vein, chunky knit necklaces, XL earrings and oversized cuff bracelets will be the jewelry program this season. That’s why we replace her fine rings and discreet accessories with imposing and daring pieces. Ditto for the glasses that will proudly display the name of their makers with flashy and clearly visible logos. The colorful models will also be there. Black, pink, green, purple, yellow, orange… the choice will be quite wide.

dress trend cut out woman fashion spring summer 2022

The trend cut out is back on the program by dethroning the famous cleavage. Asymmetrical and sexy cutouts will embellish your favorite dresses and reveal some parts of your body such as the stomach and ribs. Impossible to miss the cut-out dresses that will be everywhere this summer 2022. On social networks we discover an arsenal of stylish models, especially in the latest collections from jacquemus

Fashion Trends 2022 Woman Jewelry Accessories Toe Rings Necklace Choker Necklace

Finally, should we give in to the trend of toe jewelry and necklaces? chokers what we thought was gone for good? Seen on the Burberry runways, toe rings promise to give your summer shoes an upgrade. Ditto for the choker that will embellish your seasonal outfits, whatever the occasion. Note: Please choose it in chain version.

Deciphering the fashion trends spring-summer 2022

women's fashion trends spring 2022

The spring-summer 2022 fashion shows have already taken place! So now is the perfect time to do a little quick decryption. So, at a time when we still wear our knitted sweaters and long down jackets, put the spotlight on the fashion novelties that will make this spring-summer 2022. Thanks to fashion trends such as the mini skirt, the minimalist style, the low pants and kitten heels, the 2000s slip into your summer wardrobe. But it is far from the only decade that will find its place there. The the sixties and the the nineties are also back with their A-line skirts and color block looks. For the less cautious, the micro skirt will be the go-to piece to celebrate the post-covid period this summer.

top fashion trends for women spring summer 2022

Have you ever heard of “y2k” fashion? Yes Yes! This bizarre abbreviation refers to the fashion of the 2000s. Split jeans, wide trousers, pob-cut, rectangular and pop sunglasses, bandana, wide belt, satin skirt, crop-top bra, baguette handbag… seen in Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani’s music videos, all these pieces are making a comeback in today’s fashion trends and that’s not to displease us!

monochrome look trendy woman fashion spring summer 2022

Fashion trends are of course just a matter of cycles! So what was once in vogue will be in vogue again years later. No surprise, because the designers are once again focusing on the monochrome look. And while we love black, this spring it’s better to prefer pastel or chromatic shades. From head to toe, including underwear, you have to follow a unique color code to succeed with the monochromatic trend. So you no longer have to worry about the color coordination between this and that outfit. Another important advantage of the monochrome look? Its power to lengthen and refine the silhouette.

must-have fashion items spring summer 2022

For mid-season spring-summer 2022, the knitwear is coming from the sweater department and inviting on your dresses, skirts and shorts. Modern and easy to wear, wool, crochet and mesh are essential additions to your wardrobe. How to wear knitted pieces? On the skin or on a white t-shirt, the choice is yours. The only requirement? Choose them quite thin and light.

corset belt accessory fashion trend 2022 woman

If the XXᵉ century dropped corsets, but the fashion trends of 2022 will bring them back into fashion. We love a trendy corset belt that emphasizes the waist without taking our breath away. To wear it without missing it, let’s take inspiration from great fashionistas like Micah Gianneli, who wears his with a long sweatshirt and heeled boots. We also love it on an oversized shirt, long t-shirt or spring dress.

Fashion trends to eradicate in 2022

women's fashion trends 2022 to be banned

The start of the new year 2022 heralds with an overview of 2021 fashion trends to quickly forget! So no more jogger pants, crocs, cargo pants, crop tops, collars and XL sleeves! In 2021 we wanted lightness and comfort and we were not disappointed! But let it be said: the neglected look sometimes flirts with bad taste. And that is especially the case with the parts mentioned. While some of them seem very nice at first glance, we ended up disgusted by them. With the exception of purple, which has been making a growing comeback in the past year and has been named the color of 2022 according to Pantone!

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