Matt Lang finds his audience in Quebec

Back from England, where he gave a few shows at the end of May, Matt Lang finds his audience in Quebec. He will be participating in several festivals this summer, opening for Luke Combs at the Festival d’été de Québec. He will also travel by road with a trailer and he will take the opportunity to spend time with his family.

When we spoke to him, Matt Lang was about to leave for England to perform a few shows, including the Buckle & Boots country festival, where he performed on June 5. It was the first time he headlined a festival there. “It’s really fun. I never in my life thought I could say that I was going to play abroad,” he told us. Another beautiful moment for the singer will take place on July 8, when he will open for the show of American artist Luke Combs at the Festival d’été de Québec. “The festival organizers contacted my team to offer me to open their show, and I said yes right away. It’s a must, Luke Combs. Performing with him in Quebec, on the Plains of Abraham, is an honor for me.” If he is lucky enough to experience such moments in his career, the singer believes he has “worked for” since he started in music. “I took risks and seized opportunities. I left for Nashville without being able to express myself in English. I had a dream to make music and I’m grateful to be able to live it. It’s extraordinary.”

Other big shows on his calendar include Lasso Montreal, August 13, and the Festival western de Saint-Tite, where he will be September 16 and 17, featuring guests on the first night with Jade Eagleson, Tyler Joe Miller and Steven Lee Olsen. as well as Britanny Kennell in the first part. For the second evening, he has surprises in store for his audience. “Britt and I have known each other for a long time. I think she’s one of the female artists in the new country that’s really good. She’ll go far, I’m sure. Tyler and Jade are good friends. Steven Lee Olsen, I met him on a Canadian tour. We’ve done two or three shows together. He writes for Keith Urban.”


This summer, Matt Lang will take the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with his family with his girlfriend, Alexandra Mauricio, and their son, Theo, born in November, who will sometimes follow him on his tour. “I am sponsored by Harricana Aventures. They give me a trailer so I can live in that this summer. The dog will come. It will be fun.”


In January, the singer went to Nashville for some writing in preparation for an upcoming album. “It went really well. I wrote songs. I don’t have a release date for the album. I’m still in the song roster. I have three that I will be recording in Nashville in the coming months, and I will take the opportunity to to take my family there.


In March, Matt Lang had an internet accident: his Facebook page was hacked. “One morning I woke up and didn’t have my page anymore. It was called Doan Du Shop Matt Lang. I didn’t understand how the hackers managed to take over my page, but it was to sell Rolex watches. Facebook has blocked access to it all over the world, except in Vietnam. So I knew I had been hacked by people from Vietnam. I thought it was funny and not funny at the same time, because I told myself that it had been years since I made this page and that there were thousands of people following me. It was shocking, but I knew I could get her back any week now. The RCMP cooperated in the investigation because it involved a cybercrime. I have learned from this accident. Now I have a team that works all the time to secure my social networks so that this doesn’t happen again.

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