how to dress with style in spring 2022? Good ideas!

New trends appear and disappear every day! If you’re struggling to keep up, the DeaVita team is here to show you what’s HOT this year! The return of 90s grunge and Y2K fashion is a hit! The once dreaded low-rise jeans are now completely in style! Whether you find them voluminous or unflattering, it’s clear: high-waisted wide legs are one of the trends of 2022! Without further ado, here’s a guide on how to wear it and show it off wherever you go!

Black, white, pink, beige, blue or brown, this model has it all! Best of all, you can wear it anywhere you feel relaxed and comfortable. The freedom it gives you is fantastic! There’s also a bonus: it can hide your insecurities if you put it on! Are you having trouble losing weight and want to wear clothes that fit your figure perfectly? It’s your lucky day! This type of pants gives you instant confidence AND makes you look like a trendy fashionista! In addition, it adapts to all environments, so that you will feel comfortable everywhere. Find out how to dress in the spring of 2022!

combat clothes

wide beige pants with high waist

Want to get the Lara Croft look but wear fabulous stilettos instead of combat boots? So wear these beautiful high waisted cargo pants in beige and combine them with a top in the same color or military green. Belts are important in this look, so don’t deprive yourself of them. Wear your hair up for a more military look, or down if you want to feel more feminine. Let’s face it, combat boots are all the rage right now and will be a great addition too. Wear minimal makeup or be inspired by 90s makeup trends for a more nostalgic feel.

At the office

trendy pants spring summer 2022

Since 2010, women have been wearing ugly peplum tops and dresses in the office. And some still do! We believe it is time for a radical change. No more skinny jeans, wide pants are this year’s IT! Combine a color like green, blue, orange, yellow or red with a basic white top. The black and white combination is outdated, we need more panache in the office. Wear subtle makeup and try the glass hair trend! Minimal accessories are also in order. Sometimes less is more!

During the summer

fashion trends spring summer 2022

In general, summers get hotter every year. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do the same! You’d think you’d be ignited in the blazing sun in these pants! But thanks to its fluidity and the room it gives your legs to breathe, that won’t happen. Wear a light, bright top that catches the sun’s rays less, and wear your hair in a tight bun. Plus, Katie Holmes is fabulous in her casual summer look!

For a stylish evening

womens high waist wide leg pants 2022

Many of us shy away from wearing sequins because they are too showy. After all, we’re not at the Met Gala! But why not include this look in your next party outfit? It’s the perfect opportunity to get hip, isn’t it? High-waisted wide legs can be flashy, chic and fun! Take it in sequins and combine it with a matching top in a different color! Finally, combine the look with a flattering blue eyeshadow!

High-waisted wide trousers: streetwear

wide and high waist pants

To be fair, it’s really easy to style these pants to match the streetwear trope. This is a casual look with a fashion accent here and there. Wear a plain top and pants and combine with beautiful dark blue stilettos and earrings!

Photo Gallery: High Waist Wide Leg Trousers

high waist wide leg pants women 2022


Military green is one of the hottest colors in 2022.

high waist wide leg pants 2022

High-waisted wide trousers 2022: Bella Hadid looks great with this model!

current trend pants 2022

High-waisted wide-leg pants for women 2022: one of the big trends this year.

pants trend spring 2022

Beautiful in pink! Wide trousers can be feminine too!

women's pants trend spring 2022

Elasticated high-waisted wide-leg pants: get the 90s look!

trendy women's trousers 2022

Casual or chic? Why not those two?

how to wear high waist wide leg pants 2022

Trouser trend 2022: opt for an elegant set in black.

trouser trend 2022

If Rihanna wears it, we wear it!

high waist straight wide leg pants 2022

Wide trousers with a high waist: opt for summery patterns!

fashion trend 2022 women

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