Football. “I thought I’d stay there…”, Kheira Hamraoui reflects on his aggression and his accusations against Grenoble’s Aminata Diallo

It’s a thing that doesn’t stop. The victim of an ambush on November 4, Kheira Hamraoui has since been in the spotlight in a case involving various facts, football, rivalry and personal life.

This Wednesday she returned to the columns of L’Equipe about her delicate season and her aggression. From the start of the interview, the PSG player explains why it has been quiet for so long since November: “I chose to shut up because I already had to rebuild myself. Then I didn’t want to express myself until the season was over. I speak today to unburden myself and restore certain truths. †

The France international then looks back on her attack and the memories she has of that night. “I have experienced an attack of unbelievable violence. Two hooded strangers got me out of the car I was in to beat me in the legs with iron bars. That night I really thought I was going to stay there… I screamed in pain. †

“Why me? Why so much violence against me? I need the truth to come out and calm me,” she repeats, looking for an answer before continuing: “I’ve been through a real ambush. These people stood me in the eye waiting behind a truck. They were in the right place at the right time. How could they be so well informed? »

About Aminata Diallo: “I am not participating in this ‘media court'”

Today, when Kheira Hamraoui asks herself who could have blamed her for such an attack last November, she did not hesitate to point the finger at her team-mate Aminata Diallo to the investigators. She was driving the car when she was attacked. While journalist Stéphane Sellami asks her exactly why she accused him, she replies: “I am not speaking today to talk about the judicial investigation. One thing is certain, I was the victim of a terrible attack. I am not participating in this ‘media court’”

Following these allegations, Grenoble’s Aminata Diallo was placed in police custody for nearly 36 hours and has always maintained her innocence. Since this affair, the two players have not been recalled to the French team. The on-site reunion, two months after the events, with PSG was particularly delicate.

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This attack also had repercussions in the PSG changing room. Tensions and differences were exposed, through disagreements during training or even during a celebration of Marie-Antoinette Katoto’s goal with the Bleues. The star striker of Paris and the French team then clearly showed her support for her teammate Aminata Diallo instead of Kheira Hamraoui. The UNFP had also supported Grenoble’s player, who had been trained at OL.

His relationship with Eric Abidal? “It has nothing to do with my aggression”

The 32-year-old prefers to say that there were “mergers, misunderstandings, things unspoken that served the collective. It could have happened differently. Looking back, I tell myself that everyone did what they could. need to show a little empathy in such an extreme situation.Imagine a peaceful locker room undergoing an unprecedented shockwave.It is very difficult to manage.However, Kheira Hamraoui’s lawyer has repeatedly accused her teammates of “harassment”.

About her relationship with ex-player Eric Abidal, when he was sporting director of FC Barcelona and she a player of the Spanish club, she replied: “The subject of Eric Abidal is not one and has no connection with the aggression of which I was the victim. “

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