Two policy documents to better regulate and involve civil society actors


Monday, June 13, 2022 ((–

“This workshop once again demonstrates the vitality of partnership and dialogue for the transformation of the Haitian education system”, with these words the Minister of National Education concluded this Friday, June 10, 2022 in Pétion -Ville, the two-day workshop on the social validation of school accreditation policies and proximity management in schools.

Two days of discussions in which the Department of Support for Private Education and Partnership (DAEPP) gathered suggestions, analyzed comments from technicians from the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP), and national and international partners working in the education sector.

Minister Nesmy Manigat welcomed the contributions of each other without which it would have been difficult in practice to register these two necessary policy documents. Their availability, he emphasized, equates to a conquest that must be consolidated and translated into responsibility and decisions that will establish on the one hand an enlightened administration in the management of the process of opening, functioning and accreditation of schools, and on the other the harmonious interaction of the different actors (parents, community leaders, local authorities) in decision-making on all aspects of the functioning of the education system.

In a predominantly private education system, these governance tools meet the needs: need for regulation, need for support, need for the recipients of the school service to be involved in the management of the school, Minister Nesmy Manigat reminded for whom the school accreditation policy and the School Proximity Management Policy are essentially interrelated.

As for Walex Pierre, head of the DAEPP, he very graciously thanked the technical and financial partners, the national associative partners, the officials of the Ministry who have worked tirelessly to bring the process of drafting these two documents to a successful conclusion of the to bring politics. It is important from now on to find the same energy, with a view to implementing it according to the principles of this new public management of which they are the bearers.

In the margins of this two-day workshop, Minister Nesmy Manigat had numerous working sessions with the departmental directors of education. It was about the progress of the National Evaluation in the 6th base year (ENA 2022) scheduled for next Monday, May 13, the preparations for passing the tests of the 9th base year (22 to 22 June 2022) and those of secondary IV. (July 1, July 4, 5 and 6, 2022).

In doing so, they discussed the mobilization of students during the summer through artistic and literary creation, animation, learning and sports activities.

The Departmental Directorates of Education (DDE), under the supervision of the central office of the Ministry, will have every leeway to form partnerships for the design and implementation of this program which aims to spend the leisure of young people by making spaces available to them where they can continue to learn things for life and develop their talent.

Apart from the Departmental Directors of Education, executives of the central office of the ministry, officials of several partner institutions including the Federation of Protestant Schools of Haiti (FEPH), the Episcopal Commission for Catholic Education (CEEC), the Catholic Emergency Services (CRS) , World Vision, the National Federation of ASECs (FENASEC), the Mission of Hope Foundation (FOME), Save the children, the Digicel Foundation participated in the work of this two-day workshop; the same goes for delegates from the World Food Program (WFP), the World Bank, the European Union, UNICEF, etc.

Communication agency / MENFP

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