FOOTBALL: Torcy Foot celebrates, presents its project and says goodbye to Djilali Kiciri

New office, new project, desire to meet and thanks to 44 years of volunteering from a dedicated and essential man: Djilali Kiciri. A gentleman and a figure.

At the beginning of June, the Torcy club ended a difficult season: sportingly grounded on the last day of this extraordinary D2 championship, but overtaken by the disciplinary committee, the club is sanctioned with 4 points, enough to relegate one of the favorites to D3. Waste, regret, no time to grumble, the club reacts as it should: starting over, with new impetus, different ambitions, a new organization.
Yacine Keppner is elected president, he will be surrounded in his position by two vice presidents, Tiphanie Marlot, who will also be in charge of the football school, and Hakan Hatip.

Louhari Sisbane will continue his role as head coach, his role will expand as he becomes the sports manager of the club, he will assist the head of the football school and will have the difficult task of, according to the regulations of the FFF, all educators.
Mohamed Meddah takes over the secretariat assisted by Véronique Marlot, Nabil Bachir becomes treasurer assisted by Karim Abs.
Torcy’s ambitions are clear: to develop and organize the youth categories, increase the pennant team to D2 (if verdict is confirmed) and the rise of the reserve team to D3. To do this, Louhari Sisbane wants to set up a youth-oriented recruitment, but not alone.
For young people, the roles are divided: Nabil becomes the coach of the U7 and U9, Mohamed of the U11, Karim the U13 and (new) Kader becomes the U15 educator. There may be a U18 formation depending on how many players want to join the club.
As we can see, each category has its educator, the staff is reinforced by a “Staps”, Elliot. To end on the org chart and to be more precise, the “B” is coached by Karim Bachir and Morad Chachoue, the “C” by Sohbi Guilouchi.
The new president not only thanks all participants in this festive day, organized for young people, but not only: “I thank our leaders and our educators, this day is perfect. I wanted to thank our sponsors, the bar and catering are completely free today, thanks to them. Everything is ready for next season. We will, as the municipality promised us, have the training ground ready for the start of the school year, we will try not to repeat the mistakes of last year. †
After the workshops for the little ones, a competition for the U13s, the older ones took part in a tournament with three teams. People, beautiful people. The elected officials, the mayor in the first place, accompanied by members of the city council, did not fail to participate in the rewards of the children. A beautiful day.

Djilali: A lord and a figure

A day that also honored the historical figure of the club, the creator, the cornerstone of Torcy: Djilali Kiciri, 44 years of good and loyal service, bows his hat to you sir. For the youngest, Djilali was the creator of Torcy, it was then called Torcy Algerian:
“I was 22, I didn’t play, I was the president. Since then I have almost always played a role in the management of the club. A club that has evolved, whose name has changed, from Torcy Algérien to Etoile Sportive de Torcy, Torcy Foot and ASJ Torcy The former chairman proudly looks back on the course: “We went up in League Promotion, the R3 to always play a leading role there.”
And then, with a little regret, he recognizes: “Yes, when I left the presidency, the club collapsed. But be careful, I’ve always stayed to help all subsequent presidents. I had the love for the club, it had to stay, you understand? ” And how !
This year it is finally the right one: “I see people coming, motivated, I hope it stays that way, I know in advance that it will not be easy. “Fatigue? Consequences of Covid? A little bit of all that: “I’m going to take care of my grandchildren.”
44 years is a long time, we ask him the pinnacle of this long career:
“Without hesitation, the organization of the preparatory match between AJAuxerre and Saint-Etienne. Meeting Monsieur Guy Roux is an incredible privilege, a simple, accessible, kind man: we love it. On the other hand, his worst memory: “Of course, the case of the referee’s aggression, I was deputy that day, I couldn’t do anything. For me, this is the most painful moment in the club’s history. †
For a man who gave so much, we understand the bitterness. “You know, everything, everything we do, is never for us, it’s for them (he shows us the kids at the bar). Football in Torcy has a fundamental social role, don’t be afraid to say so. †
Local football, not just Torcy, is losing a great guy.

Vincent Brucce

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