Do you know the hooper, this new discipline offered by Chartres Education and Canin Sports?

Hoopers (hoops in French). It is the name of a new activity, originating in the United States, that brings dogs and owners together and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. The Chartres Éducation et Sports Canins association has therefore decided to include this discipline in its program, which already consists of agility, obedience and flyball.

The president, Yohan Compper, presented it to his forty members on Saturday, June 11, 2022, on their 3000 m2 site in rue Hubert-Latham, in Chartres: “The hooper has no jumps. The obstacles are semicircles under which the dog must pass. He has to go around barrels. †

Puppies and old dogs, also the sick

The trail contains no sharp turns or stockades. The animal traverses short tunnels (1 meter) and high tunnels (80 centimeters), without having to bend over. And he never carries anything between his teeth. Everything is designed to prevent dogs from getting tired during intense exercise or from joint pain. However, a sport that allows the four-legged friend to maintain his physical shape, his mobility and his mental health.

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The hooper, at the behest of the driver, is aimed at very specific categories of dogs, as Valérie, the treasurer, notes: “For puppies and older or sick dogs, because there is no obstacle. It is also a godsend for a driver who is not can walk a lot, because this activity does not require any effort: “The owner sends his dog at a distance. It must remain in an area of ​​5 m2. »

Time penalties

The volunteers of the association continued the morning with the other disciplines, especially the long-awaited agility. The 220-metre physical course, for dogs A, B, C and D, consists of hurdles with a beam between 30 and 60 centimeters high, depending on the dog’s withers, a long low tunnel, a slalom of twelve posts and a crossing of a high stockade. On the way down, the dog must place one leg in the red zone at the bottom (90 centimeters long) and therefore not jump too high.

“Every mistake is punished with an addition of time. A refusal of an obstacle, a missed door or a fallen beam too. A fast dog with multiple mistakes will be penalized more in its classification than a slower dog that makes no mistakes,” said Julie Noury, Member.

a deaf dog

Some agility workshops are practiced with a puppy that has finished growing so as not to weaken its joints. It can start with simple tunnels. “You have to work on playful games, always be positive, with a reward if the exercise is successful. You need to know how to “read” your dog, seek complicity with him,” the member adds.

Education is another important activity within the association, which offers adapted sessions on foot recall, off-line walking… Flyball also has its followers within the association, including Julie Noury: “It practices in teams of 2 or 4 dogs, in Relay: A dog has to cross 4 hurdles and then press down on a board that ejects a tennis ball, he overtook it mid-flight and crossed the hurdles again to rejoin his team’s dog who took off in turn. » Supportive demonstrations.

Guy, a master, did several exercises with his dog Flambeur, a 12-year-old English Cocker Spaniel: “He has been deaf for 4 years. I lead it with my gestures and the movements of my body. †

Thierry Delaunay

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