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Father’s Day is approaching, and with it another chance to fulfill the author of your days. Still looking for the perfect gift? How about giving a Celio as a gift? For the occasion, the brand offers the Célio Father’s Day collectiona selection to die for.

By Sandrine Jondot

When the brand displays clothes and accessories for Father’s Day, the result is a collection designed to appeal to all fathers and will be a bull’s eye on Sunday 19 June. Whatever your budget, you can be sure that you are offering a beautiful quality piece. Ô Magazine offers you a small overview of the Father’s Day gift ideas that Célio has selected for you.

A selection of gift ideas for “normal” dads

For Célio, dressing the common man and not a jet-setter with a dream life and a perfect body is a celebration of the ‘normal’ man. By this we mean the common man, the real one, the one who works, who does his shopping, who keeps a budget. But be careful, if the Celio guy is “normal”, he’s not “standard” for that. The brand is also well aware of the diversity of bodies, ages and activities† This consideration translates into a wide choice of clothing in different styles, available from XS to XXL. And since the Célio man is also a husband, a son, a father, a grandfather, sometimes all four, the Célio Father’s Day collection respects this diversity and allows you to discover different universes to find the perfect gift.

millennial father

Photo credit Celio

Discover the collection The Simpsons, an irresistible collaboration sure to please fans of the series. Célio celebrates Father’s Day by performing Matt Groening’s characters on fun and colorful pieces† The hardest thing will still be choosing between the four t-shirt designs different. Especially since they are all available in black, white, navy or heather grey. Unless you choose the a pair of socks value boxer in Homer’s parable? Both are presented in their box in the form of the emblematic donut. And for all the dads eager to showcase their cultural credentials, other licenses are also in the spotlight, from Naruto Shippuden to Rick & Morty, through Nirvana or even Marvel.

Sports father? The Father’s Day collection Célio also thought of him

Célio partners with the NBA for a 100% basketball collection. Find sweatshirts, t-shirts and shorts in the colors of legendary basketball teams : the New York Knicks, the San Francisco Warriors, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics and of course the Chicago Bulls. For those who prefer the tennisCélio also offers the Prince collection, which smells like clay.

simple and natural father

While 100% cotton Célio basics are always safe, the linen capsule collection gives it extra style. Is made from French natural fibersthese beautiful pieces of 100% linen or linen mix soft colours can only seduce him. The linen capsule has a great selection of shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, trousers and even jackets, as well as jackets and waistcoats for those who want to look their best.

Nice and relaxed father

Celio Father's Day Collection 2022
Photo credit Celio

And why don’t you give him a message t-shirt to proudly display his fatherhood? Le Daron or Le Padre? We’ll show you which one suits him best. With their graphics reminiscent of Francis Ford Coppola’s movie The Godfather, they are: flagship parts from the Célio Father’s Day collection. A fun way to take on his patriarchal side of the modern age (a protective father who doesn’t mind hanging out the laundry and changing the diaper while Madame is in a meeting).

You don’t dare to risk offering him a piece of clothing? There is no doubt that you will find something to fill it between the accessories† Doesn’t a father always need a hat, a belt, a bag, a tie or a bow tie?

Célio: a dedicated brand

Concerned about the environment, the Célio brand is committed to reducing its impact on the planet. For example, the brand ensures to equip its premises with LED lamps, reduces packaging and systematically offers a dematerialized receipt. The warehouse in the Oise even houses beehives on the roof to keep the biodiversity † Célio also strives for a eco-responsible production by giving preference to recycled, natural or organic materials. For example, in the Célio Father’s Day collection, find a eco-friendly weekend bag in water-based polyurethane, manufactured with respect for the environment.

Like these brands committed to social causes, Célio is also a brand of solidarity† Among its initiatives, we mention the donation of its unsold products to the very poor or even the rounding of the checkout to the next euro to support associations. All the more reason to be tempted!

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