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The month of June 2022 with its rising temperatures is forcing us towards the end of spring. With Saturn in retrograde since June 4, 2022, a rethink of our priorities and how we deal with reality is required. The planet of the borders imposes on us a great internal cleaning, to start the summer free of all restrictions.

Mercury, turning direct again at the beginning of the month, speeds up the rhythm of our thoughts and activates communication to move forward all of his projects that he had put on standby during his retrograde.

The planet Venus is enjoying her last days in her astral hometown, the sign of Taurus, delighting us with her gentle and romantic energy.

As for the planets Mars and Jupiter, they continue their progress in the constellation Aries. These two stars are ready to do anything to motivate your actions and bring a touch of madness into your life with this sign’s indomitable fire.

To better experience the Super Full Moon that will take place this Tuesday, June 14, 2022, try to manifest your goals in full consciousness. Performing meditations and rituals to harmonize your energy with that of this star is a great idea that will make you feel better about yourself.

Horoscope: A Week Under the Effects of the Full Moon

This week, Taurus is feeling romantic and hopeful in love. The sun, towards the end of its progress in Gemini, is bringing all its energy to this sign to close out the season in style. Sagittarius will do a lot of internal work thanks to the Full Moon in their sign and Capricorn has a hard time living this lunation with lightness. Discover your weekly horoscope


This week a conjunction of your ruling planet Mars with Chiron will awaken wounds of the past. You’ll be in a lower mood than usual, but it won’t last long. The Moon in Aquarius on June 18, 2022 will be beneficial to you and will rekindle relationships that were cold.


Venus in your sign will give you a great boost of romance all week long. Your current philosophy is to live life in pink and you try to see everything through the prism of love. On June 16, 2022, the Moon in the sign of Capricorn will help you refocus on your reality and realize your deepest desires.


Mercury in direct motion will enter your sign on June 13, 2022. Add that to the energy of the sun in your zodiac sign and voila. Saturn helps you to express yourself with confidence and maturity and this will bring you benefits.


This week with the Moon in Scorpio, you will be concerned about your health. Nothing concrete, but make a routine visit to the doctor to have the clear heart and not live in a state of unwarranted worry.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius will ask you to set clear boundaries in a relationship that is meant to be casual. Now is the time to take it seriously or let it go to make way for a more stable relationship.


A week to get started in the field. If you’re looking, go all out. The results will be there. If you already have a job, develop a strategy to advance and validate your performance within the company. This month is the right month to have the niaque!


The Full Moon on the 14th and Saturn is asking you to be careful and careful in your actions this week. Avoid speaking your four truths without thinking about the impact it will have on others. If you can’t help it, be as diplomatic as possible.


This week the stars want to help you with your finances. Now is the perfect time to settle a debt or inquire about a loan. Also, try to plan savings for a project in the future. What you build this week will be very fruitful later.


The Full Moon in your sign next Tuesday, June 14, 2022 will be super intense, Dear Sagittarius! It will help you to deepen the elements that the New Moon in Gemini has brought you! Take care of yourself and try to do a nice introspection in order to benefit in full consciousness from all its power.


This week, the Full Moon requires you to focus on yourself and not distract yourself with unimportant stories. This event will not be easy for you because its intensity is experienced in an unconscious part of your birth chart. You will have to take a time out. Don’t go out on the road and focus on your person!


You may have tensions at work with groups of friends or colleagues. The planet Saturn in your sign will prompt you to act in a methodical way so as not to damage the ties that may be useful in your career in the future.


During the week of the Full Moon, your energy is in high demand. Avoid wasting it on unimportant topics that tire you and keep you from moving forward toward your goals. Remember that when you make a choice, it is your will that creates the present moment. This will please Saturn asking you to restructure your reality.

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