24th Gala des Grands Prix Desjardins du Défi OEntreprendre: together to honor the national winners!

Press release – It was gathered at the Palais Montcalm with almost 500 guests for the Gala of the Desjardins Grand Prizes for the OSEntreprendre Challenge national winners were announced yesterday – apprentices, students, school workers and entrepreneurs from all over Quebec selected from 49,210 people who signed up for this 24e edit! The moving discussions of this evening, presented with a touch of humor by Anaïs Favron, are available on osprendre.quebec.

“By sharing with passion and authenticity the human values ​​and beliefs that motivate them, by bearing witness to the adaptation efforts made, the pleasure they have had in fulfilling themselves and their perseverance over the past few months, the winners bring those and those they discovered an enormous dose of energy, pride and inspiration for them tonight”, says Manon Théberge, President and CEO of OSentreprendre.

A total of 37 national prizes were awarded in the strands SchoolCompany creationSuccess Inc. and Doing business together (list attached), for a total amount of $224,000, which will be added to the scholarships awarded at the local and regional finals of the edition.

The event took place under the honorary co-chairmanship of Zakary Pilote and Serge Beauchemin, with the participation of François Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec, Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation, Lucie Lecours, Minister of Economy, Jean-François Robberge, Minister of Education , as well as Guy Cormier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Desjardins Group, and Jean-Yves Bourgeois, First Vice-President, Business Services, Desjardins Group.

About the OSEntreprendre Challenge

OSentreprendre’s mission is to inspire the desire to act to contribute to building a proud, innovative, committed and prosperous Quebec. Its main activity, the OSEntreprendre Challenge, is a major movement in Quebec that annually promotes the entrepreneurial initiatives of thousands of participants; of young people from primary school to university and those of entrepreneurs. This important initiative has been made possible thanks to the efforts of loyal partners: Desjardins, presenting partner, the Government of Quebec, title partner, Quebecor, Videotron Business, the Quebec CPA Order and Spektrum.

School Component

From primary school to university, these young people have developed their entrepreneurial spirit by carrying out their project. Entrepreneurial experimentation, one of the four levers of entrepreneurial education, contributes to many success factors: identity formation, sense of competence and belonging, motivation, academic success and vocational guidance for the elderly. Thousands of school workers have grown youth on multiple levels!

National award, Primary 1 categoryer round 1d and 2e year)

  • By bike, to school!, Sutton School, CSS du Val-des-Cerfs (Montérégie)

National award, category Primary 2e round (3e and 4e year)

  • Ready for adventure, École Centrale, CSS de l’Énergie (Mauricie)

National award, category Primary 3e round (5e and 6e year

  • In the spotlight, École Saint-Joseph, CSS du Littoral (Côte-Nord)

National award, Secondary 1 categoryer round 1d and 2e year)

  • Baskets of the gardener, Paul-Le Jeune secondary school, CSS de l’Énergie (Mauricie)

National award, Secondary 2 categorye round (3e4e and 5e year)

  • Chalzo, the pizzeria, Gabriel-Dionne School, CSS du Littoral (Côte-Nord)

National award, category adaptation secondary school

  • A foot on the heart, Polyvalente des Baies, CSS de l’Estuaire (Côte-Nord)

National Award, Vocational Training and Adult Education Category

  • Distributors of P’tits bonheurs, CFP of La Côte-de-Gaspé, CSS des Chic-Chocs (Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine)

National Award, College Category (Individual and Small Group)

  • Vintage cabinet Online second-hand shop, Cégep Garneau (Capitale-Nationale)

National award, College category (collective)

Coup de cœur Coopératif Prize – Foundation for Education in Cooperation and Reciprocity

  • O’ Bonne Heure Étudiant (student cafe), Quebec Institute of Agrifood Technology, Saint-Hyacinthe campus (Montérégie)

National award, University category (individual and small group)

  • APF Clinic, Entrepreneurship and Spin-off Center, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean)

National Prize, University category (collective)

  • Website of the Organization Du Fjord au Lac, Entrepreneurship and Spin-off Center, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean)

Business Flows

Supported by actors from their region, these entrepreneurs went through the local, regional and then national selection stages by gaining formative experiences with the juries. By contributing to the development of their region, these people make a difference and are real sources of inspiration!

Business making part

Organic food category

  • First national prize: BeLOV Compagnie inc. (Laurentians)
  • Second national prize: Lyoterra (Montérégie)

Commerce Category, presented by Spektrum

  • First national prize: Vélo Conversio inc. (Mount directing)
  • Second National Prize: Pâtisserie Zébulon (Montreal)

Social economy category, presented by the Caisse d’économie solidaire Desjardins

  • First national prize: Solidarity Cooperative | Flotilla of craftsmen and booksellers (Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine)
  • Second National Award: PAX Habitat Corporation (Lanaudière)

Category Exploitation, transformation, production

  • First National Award: Constellations (Laurentides)
  • Second National Award: RM eco (Laval)

Category of technological and technical innovations presented by Videotron Business

  • First national prize: Désherbex inc. (Estria)
  • Second National Prize: PLAKK (Montreal)

Business services category presented by the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants of Quebec

  • First national prize: Halte gestion et construction inc. (Outaouais)
  • Second national prize: Expertise Kändea (Montérégie)

Category Services to individuals

  • First national prize: Psychosocial Clinic Novæ senc (Montérégie)
  • Second National Prize: Yawinonh (National Capital)

Grand prizes for youth entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the youth secretariat

  • BeLOV Company Inc. (Laurentians)
  • Convertio Bike Inc. (Mount directing)

Coup de Coeur Prize for Women’s Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the Secretariat for the Status of Women

  • Yawinonh (National Capital)

Ingenuity Coup de Coeur Prize, in partnership with Loto-Québec

Coup de coeur prize of the Chief Scientist, in collaboration with the Fonds de recherche du Québec

Success Component Inc.

national prize

Doing business together part

national prize

  • Repere Boreal Inc. (National Capital)

Special prices

National audience award, made possible by Videotron Business

  • Depanord Inc. (North coast)

Local School Commitment Award

  • Discoverers in ACTION (National Capital)

Local Commitment Enterprise Award

  • Entrepreneurial capital (national capital)

Regional Commitment Award – Local Solidarity Funds FTQ and Quebec Federation of Municipalities

  • Region of Northern Quebec

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