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Putting together a good look for a 50-year-old woman is not always easy. Between what is age appropriate and what is modern, there is the personal style that is unique to each person. It gets even more complicated when it comes to dressing well in the summer. How do you combine comfort and style when you’re over fifty? It is up to you to discover in the following lines.

With age, such as when you gain a few pounds, our wardrobe tends to “tarnish”. That is, one gradually develops a tendency towards garments in black and other dark colors. However, if you opt for this range, you run the risk of looking really “grandma” especially if the cut is fluffy and the materials are not delicate.

The first fashion tip we would like to share with you is not to say goodbye to colors. If you are afraid of too daring shades and combinations, do not hesitate to adopt the range of whites, neutrals and pastels in their light shades. Not only are they a safe bet, easy to combine, they reflect light better and therefore absorb less heat. Hence the feeling of freshness. Very big fan of light color combinations, Cristina Cordula shows us that they are also very chic.

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Cristina Cordula’s wardrobe in some modern looks for women over 50

However, you shouldn’t completely eliminate bright colors from your wardrobe. One of the big fashion trends this year is combining pieces in both flashy and contrasting colors. The famous “color block” is presented above in a very nice example. Combining a bright yellow with the lavender shade ‘Very Pery’ will definitely make you look younger. You are never too old to shine and stand out. Monochromatic looks of a single strong color, on the other hand, slim the figure and prove to be very flattering and elegant for any woman in her fifties. If you’ve opted for an extra short cut, this is your season, as lengths are not very popular on hot days.

A chic and colorful outfit for 50-year-old women

modern 50-year-old woman looks yellow shirt and purple pants rejuvenate her feminine look

Bet on accessories to put together a chic women’s outfit

If you find your everyday outfits a little too simple and lack an element of surprise, add some. If you’ve kept a certain finesse at the waist, add a belt to emphasize it. The large handbag, printed clutch and straw tote bag would make excellent companions to give your outfits an extra touch of style.

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This is how you perfect the summer look according to one of the most modern fifties

dress woman 50 years modern bohemian chic style in white idea outfit every day elegant

All the better if you choose it in the same color as your shoes. Trendy glasses or fancy earrings and/or necklace can complete the look. Roll up the sleeves and make your own fringed pompoms or other handmade embellishments to personalize your style. Instagrammer Catherine Summers shows us how.

The power of accessories to enhance a simple outfit

vintage dress elegant outfit look woman 50 years modern mustard yellow color

casual chic style woman 50 years old with printed pants and pink t-shirt

Dare to wear young clothes, but without doing too much

No, we’re not done with jeans when we’re 50. Even ripped mom jeans have their place in the wardrobe of women in their 50s. Just one thing to consider! Be careful never to put together an entirely youthful outfit. For example, your jeans should be associated with an elegant t-shirt, instead of, for example, a flashy crop top. This way you create a rejuvenating look that doesn’t seem ridiculous or unusual.

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How to look younger – fashion tips from Instagrammer chicover50

look of a 50 year old woman with jeans sailor t-shirt original carrying bag

Floral prints, such as those from the tropical universe, are particularly suitable for the summer season. Don’t deprive yourself of it, but again, without running the risk of overdoing it. An outfit that is too showy on the pattern side is also not very aesthetically pleasing and stylish for a true queen of 50.

ladies shorts with flowers and white top ladies look 50 years old 2022

fashion woman 50 years old how to dress today stylish white dress

Find a modern 50-year-old woman – elegance and comfort

Another argument often used to excuse a lack of taste is comfort. Certainly, feeling comfortable in a garment is the main criterion for choosing it. Yet there are just as many brands that effortlessly combine style and comfort. If you have a nice oversized white shirt and chic gray shorts, you could look very stylish even in sneakers. Pay attention to the design, the cut and the materials that should exude elegance and femininity. Make sure a garment fits you perfectly without pinching or suffocating when you buy it. That’s what we call class! Organic cotton, silk, linen are an excellent textile choice for the respective season.

Photo credit : @busbeestyle

Chic and professional outfit, even in the middle of summer – the ideas from busbeestyle

women's suit model 50 years old chic women's clothing style red suit and white t-shirt

To go to the office, think of a white skirt or pants, cleverly associated with a light and magical shirt. Blue prints that refer to the theme of the coast are especially popular. Since women in their 50s are very sensitive to the look of their arms, we’d bet on the long sleeve. To top off this hot look, Instagrammer Erin Busbee added a gorgeous oversized necklace and a pair of contrasting mint sandals.

pair of white jeans and light blue and white shirt garbe dress ideal woman 50 years

Adopting the bohemian style at 50

In recent years we have seen the bohemian chic style dominate the summer fashion scene. We let ourselves be carried away by his free, vain and somewhat wild character. There’s no reason not to be tempted at 50 or even 60 – this age that marks a second youth in a woman’s life. The cuts are spacious and comfortable, the materials – flowing. Embroidery and lace are the perfect complement to fabrics printed with romantic motifs, such as rural scenes and floral motifs. The bohemian style is not only pleasant to wear, but also modern and rejuvenating without excess.

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Gen Sohr’s Inspirational Outfits for Bohemian Style at 50

bohemian chic dress model at 50 years old woman class outfit

To put together a beautiful bohemian chic wedding outfit, choose a dress in a neutral and solid color. Combine it with a bohemian tote bag. Then pull on a sleek white jacket in the ensemble to live up to the occasion. A few well-coordinated pieces of jewelry and you have a sublime wedding outfit for 50-year-old women. Here’s how Instagrammer Gen Sohr went about creating this unparalleled look.

example of women's clothing with modern look 50 years trend beige dress ruffles and white coat

white straight dress how to adopt the bohemian chic style at 50


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