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Thanks to a traceability tool, individuals, companies and local authorities that have signed an electricity supply contract with Volterres can track in real time the source of their electricity supply, and in particular the share of electricity that comes directly from the parks. †

In order for France to achieve its energy transition goals, electricity supplier Volterres believes it must go through the electron short circuit to ensure better adoption of renewable energy projects. That is why it has been associated with the French producer Solvéo Energie for a year now. In this context, companies and local authorities in Haute-Garonne that have signed an electricity supply contract with Volterres can quantify in real time the share of renewable energy in their electricity purchases, and in particular the share of the two photovoltaic plants near Seysses and Purpan (6.5 MWp each), operated by Solvéo. “We have developed an in-house tool for traceability of hourly electricity purchases,” explains pv magazine France Xavier Bottou, marketing and partnerships manager at Volterres. Based on the blockchain to certify traceability on an hourly basis, the tool displays in real time the nature of the energy reserved for each consumer and which renewable energy plants have contributed to their electricity supply.

Strengthen the link with local parks

“In this way, consumers can follow the composition of their electricity supply in full transparency, this strengthens the links with local renewable parks and thus the acceptability of projects, now and in the future,” continues Alexis Bouanani, director of Volterres, a subsidiary of the Sun’R group based in Lyon. The Sicoval agglomeration in the south-east of Toulouse, the company Weber of the Saint Gobain group for its industrial site in Colomiers near Toulouse and the departmental energy syndicate of Haute Garonne (SDEHG) have already subscribed to this offer. The latter uses it to supply its network of about a hundred electric charging stations located throughout the territory. “This example illustrates a very interesting consistency per hour between the production of electricity during solar hours and the consumption of these charging stations. For example, certain new electricity-using applications, such as electric mobility, can provide relevant compatibility with decarbonised and decentralized production resources such as photovoltaics,” the director said.

Illustration of the temporal consistency between photovoltaic production and electricity consumption of charging stations. The share of “untracked energy” currently emerging from the market will gradually be replaced by other partner projects and complementary green technologies.

Image: Volterres

According to Volterres, the offer is also attractive in terms of costs. “By talking to small businesses in the Haute Garonne, we’ve seen that subscribing to a PPA is often extremely long and complicated for them,” says Alexis Bouanani. Therefore, we enable them to source their supplies from the grid, at the same price as “conventional” electricity, while guaranteeing a more virtuous supply.”

An offer for individuals

In order to strengthen the adoption of the energy transition among individuals, Volterres also joined forces in May 2022 with the developer and producer of sustainable energy ERG to offer a green and local electricity supply to residents near the park. AA 2 East Valley wind farm ( Hauts-de-France), inaugurated in 2019 and with extension to be commissioned in 2022. This partnership will give eligible consumers access to locally, sustainably and economically produced energy. The first 200 subscribers receive a €100 discount during the first year of delivery, or about 10% savings on the average annual electricity budget of a household. “Being able to make the link between their energy consumption and that of the wind farm not far from their home at no extra cost is a great opportunity for residents. This initiative makes it possible to demonstrate that a park can have direct positive effects for the inhabitants of the area”, says Patricia Poulain, mayor of the municipality of Dohem. This private offering is therefore intended to expand to solar farms, which are increasingly faced with the same acceptability problems as wind farms.

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