A Year of Truth for Vernon Adams Jr. and the Alouettes

The year of hiatus due to the pandemic has certainly slowed his progress, but now left with no choice, he must show that he is the man for the job because like him, the Alouettes come to an important crossroads in their history.

Adams is the first quarterback to put himself on the map as the attacking leader in Montreal since Calvillo left.

No fewer than 16 quarterbacks have started playing since the retirement of the famed No. 13. Vernon Adams Jr. is the only one to have had more than 20 starts.

With Trevor Harris behind him, Adams doesn’t have the same latitude as in previous seasons, when the reserves were even more inexperienced than him.

Khari Jones could easily be tempted to come to Harris’s rescue as Jones comes to a crossroads too soon.

Some are already saying that Danny Maciocia would like to return to the sidelines. Others say it’s not for nothing that Maciocia has appointed his former academic assistants, Anthony Calvillo and Byron Archambault, to key positions in the organization.

Just like Vernon Adams Jr. Khari Jones had to learn his position at high speed and under less than optimal conditions.

He was hired a week before the start of the season, when someone finally realized Mike Sherman couldn’t adapt to Canadian football (or modern football, simply put). Although the team was not owned and the League controlled the team, Jones signed a three-year deal after leading the team to the playoffs for the first time in five years.

New owners and Danny Maciocia arrived a few months later.

The new management team kept Jones, but that three-year contract is expiring. With a record of 17 wins and 17 losses, and 2 losses in the playoffs, the former quarterback must be feeling some pressure in his final year of contract.

The Alouettes want to get their place back

For a while, the Alouettes were the team of choice for Montrealers. We took advantage of this period to enlarge the old stadium on the mountain. But we never managed to fill it.

Montreal’s sports market isn’t easy. You can tell other pro teams in town about it. But there is currently space that the Alouettes could occupy.

The huge Canadian hockey team is no longer sold out (sanitary instructions or not) and must restore its image after one of the worst seasons in its history.

Popular hires such as Chantal Machabée and Marie-Phillip Poulin show that the Habs are aware of this image. The arrival of a first choice during a home game will certainly not harm the recovery of the team.

On the football front, the team has found a way to expose its hard core of supporters before it even managed to get the masses of sports fans on board. But there too, we’ve adjusted the situation with the hiring of a new president who will do his best to get diehard Impact supporters back into CF Montreal’s fold.

If it is inevitable that the Canadians will go back into the hearts of the fans and it is desirable for the CF to find its place, it is also necessary for the Alouettes to renew their ties with all Quebec sports fans.

The training camp in Trois-Rivières showed that football extends far beyond the island of Montreal.

Danny Maciocia had promised when he was hired that if he was of equal talent he would give priority to people from here.

When the Alouettes take the field in Calgary, there will be French-speaking players on the field in all aspects of the game: offense, defense and special teams. In total, a dozen players from Quebec will join five coaches and the general manager.

Now it remains to win matches. A first playoff win since 2014 would certainly be welcome.

Because, as Guy Lafleur said during one of his retreats, we must never forget that it is a game, but we have to earn a little as much as possible…

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