973 hours of content offered at Bell Media

Bell Media features the most comprehensive original content lineup to date, with 973 hours and over 100 titles confirmed for the 2022-2023 broadcast year. Powered by its French and English language services, the new programming of Bell Media features an extensive range of original content, consisting of new releases, documentaries, specials and award-winning shows.

The next new series is coming noovoChannel LifezChannel D and to long for in late 2022 and early 2023, with more titles coming for 2023 in the coming months:

boundless love – Channel Life : In boundless love, we follow the sincere quest of people who live differently and are all looking for true love. Throughout the series, we guide singles with varied profiles in their dating process. Each story highlights a different obstacle, always with a benevolent eye.

In Remi .’s house -ZIn Remi .’s house opens the doors to the world of Rémi-Pierre Paquin in his native Mauricie. Every week he receives well-known friends in his chalet to do activities with them and his family. His goal: to convey his love for his region to his guests.

movie beast – Channel D : In Estrie, a man and his son train animals for the cinema. Much more than just a zoo, they have turned their land into a sanctuary where they educate people about respect for animals. Invited to work on Quebec and American film sets, the duo amazes with their unique relationship with their colleagues, the Beasts.

Good morning Chuck (or the art of harm reduction) – Desire : Beloved by the public, Chuck looks like the real good guy. When he is on the front page of all the newspapers and tabloids after a scandal in which he was involved, the whole of Quebec is in shock, but for those close to him, this incident is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Destroyed by his reputation, he retires to a rehabilitation center for people with different types of addictions, to convince his wife, his agent and his audience of his goodwill. The catch: Chuck doesn’t really think he needs help…

Pet – NoovoPet tells the story of Chanelle Chouinard, a 37-year-old French teacher, who falls in love with Sandrick, a 17-year-old student full of confidence and magnetism, but vulnerable.

Drawing hearts – Channel LifeDrawing hearts is an observational documentary series that immerses viewers in the daily lives of couples whose spouses have just arrived in Canada, or are still abroad, waiting for a visa. Guiding them on their journey of integration into their new lives, the series paints a portrait of the pitfalls they face and the intensity that comes from a multicultural romantic relationship.

Disobey: Chantale Daigle’s Choice – Desire : This miniseries tells the story of Chantale Daigle who falls in love at the age of 21 and then becomes pregnant by Jean-Guy Tremblay, a man who turns out to be manipulative and aggressive. After a tempestuous relationship, she leaves him, opts for an abortion… but Jean-Guy, hurt in his pride and eager to keep their relationship, appeals to justice to prevent it. Against all odds, a judge agrees with Jean-Guy. The case revives the debate about abortion at home and abroad. Chantale has become the center of a media and political cyclone and sees her life turned upside down forever.

I came close to death – Channel D : The documentary series I came close to death offers touching stories of ordinary men and women who found themselves in perilous situations where their lives were at stake. Survivors tell us their tragic story while supported by testimonials from a loved one, an expert or a helping person on the scene. Through a presentation of remnants of the fateful moment, the survivors will once again experience strong emotions telling their story of where they came close to death.

The emperor – Noovo : In 2005, after a drunken office party, Christian accompanies Manuela home and at the end of the evening “slips”. Despite what may seem like a hiccup, they continue to work together. Christian becomes president, he helps Manuela climb the ladder until he becomes his partner. In 2015, a woman reported Christian to the police, claiming she was a rape victim. Then another one appears, then a few others.

the game master – Noovo : Louis Morissette is at the helm of the show the game masterQuebec’s adaptation of the popular British show task master† With his assistant Antoine Vézina, they will take on a series of playful challenges that will test the creativity and ingenuity of a panel of five comedians composed of Mehdi Bousaidan, Ève Côté, Christine Morency, Matthieu Pepper and Jo Cormier.

The Debaters of Noovo – NoovoThe Debaters of Noovo, this is the topic of the day, seasoned debaters and 30 minutes of intensive exchanges. Host Michel Bherer is surrounded by a team of diverse, experienced debaters who are representative of Quebec society and who know how to take a candid look at current events.

the vigilantes – Noovo : Three lawyers with strong and unique personalities settle “small claims” disputes that oppose ordinary citizens of all ages and backgrounds. At their wits’ end, these people want justice to be done quickly, definitively and for free! the vigilantes are for it.

my first house – Channel Life : In the magazine réno-déco my first house, we follow Mélissa Bédard and her large family (her husband Karl and their six children) who settle for the first time in their lives in a brand new house, in the Saint-Émile neighborhood of Quebec. His quest: to finally create a family nest where every member of the family has their space.

Pray for us – Canal D : Victims of clergy sexual abuse break the silence and take steps to seek justice. Their struggle, often lasting several years, is tough and the outcome uncertain. But despite the difficulties they faced, their moving and often shocking stories will finally be heard.

Christine Morency: no filter -Z : Recognized for her candor, her authenticity and her infectious laugh, Christine Morency quickly captured the public. This documentary series takes us to the heart of her life, both professionally and personally, through an incredible year as she prepares for her first show. Christine without a filter to the height of her dream.

Turn: Double Fault – Noovo : With Eric Bruneau and Louis Morissette, Turn: Double Fault highlights the story of Charles (Éric Bruneau), a talented tennis player who never really managed to shine and who lives in 187th place in the world. He continued to devote his life to his sport, but faced injuries, lack of funding and anxiety disorders. The series explores the quest that drives some athletes to persevere even as they sacrifice time, money and health in the shadow of glory. Sylvain (Louis Morissette), coach at Tennis Canada, will also try to reach the highest peaks in a sport where families are extremely present and hire the coaches themselves, ultimately with the right to life or death.

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