what candidates say about education and regional languages

This is what the candidates for the June 12 and 19 parliamentary elections say, per constituency, when asked about their absolute priority in education and regional languages.

4th constituency

Sylviane Lopez (RN): “Put the teaching of French, Mathematics and History back at the heart of the programs. Reducing classes and ending school closures (20 pupils per class in primary education and 30 in secondary). †

Paul Darnet (Animal Party): only formulates proposals with regard to the animal condition.

Carlos Ribeiro (LO): “In order for the CAC 40 to keep red cheeks, education, like all services useful to the population, is deteriorating at a rapid pace. This is not inevitable. The capitalists have the money. But those who do everything have a monopoly on work. Everyone has their own weapons. My priority is to help workers – including teachers – realize that they are a force capable of getting society back on its feet.”

Egoitz Urrutikutxea (EH Bai): “We need to legalize immersive education and amend Article 2 of the Constitution, equipping local institutions with the resources and skills needed to implement resilient language policies. It is necessary to release the necessary resources for inclusion by creating the essential positions and a status of AESH (full-time contract, salary), setting a guaranteed minimum income (RMG) of 1,164 euros for everyone over 18, including students and increase the salaries of all teachers, with the index point thaw. †

Inaki Echaniz (Nupes): “An investment plan in the public education service to end the accounting logic in the management of our schools is essential: salary increases, hiring, no school closure or regrouping (RPI) without the consent of the stakeholders meeting in the school board ( parents, teachers, elected officials), protecting existing resources for 5 years and increasing these resources where necessary. It is necessary to give permission to pass tests of the patent and the baccalaureate in Basque and Occitan. †

Julien Lassalle (Let’s resist!): “History, culture, languages ​​need to be strengthened. Communicate, train in manual environmental boxes. Organize the return of our graduates. †

Margaux Taillefer (Reconquest!) : did not respond to our requests.

Valérie Bouchard (Movement for Animals): only formulates proposals with regard to the animal condition.

Annick Troday (Rebirth): “Supporting young people so that everyone finds their place in our society: a job with the implementation of the youth engagement contract and the development of learning and work-study pathways, making vocational training an excellent sector; civic involvement in the development of universal national service and civic service; and support for everyday needs aimed at improving self-esteem. †

5th constituency

Benjamin Gil (Sovereign Party): “My priority in education is to enable children to learn in the best possible conditions. In particular, this includes the need to return to the too-often forgotten fundamentals of writing and arithmetic. Good fundamentals make very good citizens, and these fundamentals are currently being disregarded. Teachers should be given more authority and protection in light of the challenges ahead, as well as a salary to match. †

Sandra Pereira-Ostanel (Nupes) : “Renovate the public school. The public school we want is secular, free and open to all students. Public education comes bloodless out of Macron’s five-year term. We must free ourselves from the Medef’s precepts on the employability of our children by diversifying the education and studies offer in our areas. In the program we have the future in common: free university, income for students, access to knowledge for everyone. †

Philippe Bardanouve (LO): the LO candidates all give strictly identical answers. See Carlos Ribeiro (4e

Annick Pilot (Recapture): “My priorities would be to support a piece of legislation that would make it possible to restore primary education in primary schools, to abolish the single college, to restore class levels, to improve exams, to to raise teachers’ salaries and to raise the level of their selection. †

Thibault Pathias (Volts): “Give public financial support to immersive schools in regional languages. Make the regions responsible for the teaching staff. Promote excellence and cohesion in public schools. Raising our children in hospitable schools. Open schools and build bridges with society. Giving back to the actors of education the means to act. Towards an education without borders. Helping children on the right track. Enabling lifelong learning. †

Pascal Lesellier (RN): “Our students are declining in international rankings and 10% are almost illiterate. I propose to put French, mathematics and history back at the center of education. Education comes with authority. I am in favor of punishing repeated disobedience by suspending child support and school benefits. The patent is replaced by a post 3rd orientation exam and the Blanquer reform of the baccalaureate is revoked: selection and orientation must work together. †

Mathilde Hary (EH Bai): Ensuring immersive education by passing a law protecting it and allowing students to take their exams in the language they study. Free up the necessary resources for inclusion by creating essential functions and an AESH status (salary, full-time work, taking into account seniority and durability of functions). It is imperative to remove Parcoursup and return to a system that respects the choice of high school students. Fight against student insecurity: ensure a guaranteed minimum income from the age of 18. †

Thomas Riché (Hope RIC): “Lowering standards, overcrowded classrooms, exhausted underpaid teachers, curricula that change every year, teachers not being replaced, etc. Our education system is dying and there should be no scrimping on the resources that give our children the best. society depends on it.As for immersive education and the use of constitutional revisions, of the 22 constitutional revisions since 1958, only one has been subject to a referendum. However, Article 89 of the Constitution says: “The revision is final after approval by referendum”. request that all proposals for constitutional reforms be submitted to a referendum, that the citizens’ initiative for constitutional reforms be added to this Article 89.”

Florence Lasserre (Ensemble): “Since the 1er In March 2022, the Youth Engagement Contract provides them with monthly assistance of 500 euros and personal support to build their professional project. I want to support our young people in their search for internships, apprenticeships and apprenticeships, I offer them time for exchanges with companies within my office. I will be launching a campaign to promote universal service, a device that helps them finance their driver’s license. †

Hélène Susbielle (Let’s resist!) and Sylvie Roubin (Animal Movement) : did not respond to our requests.

6th constituency

Bertrand Soubelet (without label): “The Basque Country is not necessarily concerned, but it is essential to enable all teachers to carry out their mission of knowledge transfer in optimal conditions of serenity and security. Too many teachers are abandoned by the education system because of physical and verbal abuse. †

Monique Becker (RN) “It is not the teachers’ salaries that are a problem, it is increasingly their difficulties in teaching, the lack of respect, the lack of work. The situation of teachers (I am a teacher myself) is becoming alarming and no longer arousing vocation. †

Peio Dufau (EH Bai): on this topic, the candidate EH Bai of the 6e constituency makes the same answer word for word as its party’s candidate on the 5e† See Mathilde Hary (5e

Vincent Bru (Renaissance): “Entertainment of the European Charter of Regional Languages, guaranteeing the teaching of regional languages ​​in the Constitution, arranging with the Ministry of National Education the question of authorization to take the exams in Basque for the Brevet and Baccalauréat. †

Jacqueline Uhart (LO): see Carlos Ribeiro (4e

Fabrice-Sebastien Bach (LR): “I will act for the creation of a public bank intended to finance studies with deferred reimbursement after the start of working life. I facilitate the construction of self-financed student housing managed by higher education institutions. I will ensure that the diplomas are recognized on both sides of our borders to facilitate access to studies and cross-border jobs, and I will teach Basque in all colleges and secondary schools in our territory. †

Tom Dubois Robin (Nupes): “Our priority is to properly recruit, train and reward teachers. Increase salary by 15%. Lighten the workload and reduce the staffing per class. Develop public vocational and technological education. From the age of 16, propose an independent allowance of EUR 1,063 for a single person. Education for citizenship. Make the cafeteria an important place for education, with organic and local menus. Free canteens and school transport. †

Philippe Jouvet (without label): “Knowledge, innovation and the ability to open up are the strategic assets of the 21ste century. Mathematics plays a role in this, as does the cultural wealth that the learning of regional languages ​​represents. Providing quality education to all, by providing real support to those who need it and by improving the teaching profession, is a crucial issue for the next tenure. †

Mathis Tenneson (lives here): “The priority of our program is to succeed in establishing an agency to protect local cultures. To protect and educate without imposing. This obviously concerns the regional languages, but allows to integrate all the customs and cultures that make up the richness of the regions of our country. †

Christine Néel (Reconquest!) : “Increase the value of low wages and medium wages. †

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