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Nordic combined: Marco Heinis wants to do better next winter

Bronze medalist in the individual competition European Youth Olympic Festival last March, Zakopane (Poland), the handset Marco Heinis had its ups and downs last winter due to physical problems. The 19-year-old acquaintance Nordic magazine about his last season and his ambitions for the future.

  • How is the start of your summer preparation going?

It’s complicated because our technical director has left [Jérôme Laheurte, NDLR]the Group A coach [Etienne Gouy] at. We are currently without a coach. I still don’t know who is actually training me. I have a schedule that falls each week for my preparation that was made up by Arnaud Durand [un des coachs des A, préparateur physique]† At the moment I train alone. We have a certain number of hours a week to do. We were supposed to resume jumping, but without a coach the deadline was delayed. I also preferred to work to save money.

  • Does the lack of an officially appointed coach interfere with your preparation?

On paper, we don’t mind. We have a set schedule, it’s just the steps that take time. I jump from Saturday, when my employment contract expires. I’m not worried about resuming later than the others because if I keep working out from home I won’t be that far behind.

Marco Heinis (FRA) – Volk/NordicFocus
  • We saw you on the Transju’trail last weekend. Tell us how your race went…

It was my second game of the summer after three weeks of training. I didn’t go there to win at all, just to enjoy it. I wanted to put on the bib and run 10 kilometers on the trails near my house. I had done the Shire Challenges three weeks ago, it was really hard.

  • Is it something you would like to do again in the summer?

Yes, and not just when running. I would like to put the bib back on every now and then to keep this habit of the stress of the race, to keep up my warm up routines… it’s important. I also do some mountain biking. Everything will depend on what my coach has to offer me.

  • You had a pretty good season last season, with some good results. How do you analyze this performance?

I haven’t had an easy summer. I got sick several times, so I missed preparation cycles every time. So I was very tired without really knowing where it came from. My heart tests weren’t very good, which hurt me mentally. As for the athlete, I am very happy with myself on the jump. After that, on the skis, it was very random. I did two or three really good races, but otherwise I was missing a lot of juice.

  • Among the satisfactory results, there is this bronze medal at the EYOF. Are you satisfied with this charm?

I started first at the start of the ski race, I think I had more than enough to win. Unfortunately, the skiing didn’t follow, even though I ran one of my best races of the winter. I was very happy to get good jumps when it counted. After that, there is still a lot of work in sight. Last summer I didn’t have enough training hours at all so I hope I can do some more this year.

  • Have you found the cause of the problem?

Finally I contacted the dietician of the federation to follow me. After doing some analysis, I realized that I had been low on energy all winter. So I ran out of energy when I did extra training. Now that we’ve found where it came from, let’s try to fix it. On the other hand, if it doesn’t come from there, additional analyzes will have to be done again.

  • That’s a very good sign for next summer…

I’m not starting from scratch, because I still learned a lot during the season. I think I’ve really improved in jumping and on the technical part of the ski, even though the body didn’t follow too much. I know that if I continue like this, the results can be much better than last winter.

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Marco Heinis (FRA) – Polish Ski Federation
  • What are your goals for the coming season?

I’m putting a lot of effort into this summer to prepare well for my season. My main target for the winter will be the Junior Worlds as they will be my last. In the first two editions in which I participated, I always jumped well, but the skiing did not follow. I want to be able to make a full combo. After that I would like to queue a little more often on the continental circuit, to be more regular and above all to perform well. And then if I can come to the World Cup a few times and score a few points, that would be the best.

  • The recent experience with the World Cup is encouraging for the future. What do you think you need to be there more often?

Before, I only had the idea to go to the World Cup at all costs. Now that I’ve seen how it went, I see that there are still many steps to take in cross-country skiing, especially to succeed in performance. I manage to make very good jumps which often allow me to play in the front, but at the back I am overtaken by too many people on skis. It will be very interesting this summer as a preparation because I really hope to arrive in good physical shape for the winter.

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