Football: Mood: Our dear footballers are tired. But of what?


Like other rosters, Switzerland can complain about a long season. However, the lack of involvement from his players is annoying. After all, it’s their job.

Freuler, Schär, Kobel and Bottani greet their supporters on Sunday evening at the final whistle in Lisbon. Losing is also exhausting…

Daniela Frutiger / fresh focus

Too long a season, a badly put together or even crazy calendar, exhausted players, a League of Nations that would not interest anyone (except the financial interest), etc. This is what we have been hearing almost everywhere for a week, not just in our country. A familiar chorus, taken in unison by more than one coach, denouncing a 2021-2022 exercise that never stops stretching. Even Didier Deschamps joined in, evoking the absurdity of a schedule that forced his players to work overtime. Oh La La…

So much nagging that comes bad from millionaires on the road. So many false excuses that have no reason to exist in our eyes. This corresponds more to a lack of respect towards supporters who, for their part, never hesitate to spend lavishly to encourage their respective favorites, than to the reality of formations that are not very concerned with “delivering the goods” as one could expect.

Life in a palace is exhausting

Mind you, these endless seasonal stories are mostly about losers, because it’s true that after a success you recover from your efforts (?) differently than after a fiasco. In this regard, it is understandable that Murat Yakin’s Switzerland is very tired – but from what? What she didn’t show in Lisbon? Of these demanding travel conditions, as everyone knows carried out overnight on board low-cost airline(s) to save costs? Of those third category hotels chosen in a noisy neighborhood, often near a train station, to cut the bill? The truth is that palace life on Earth and business class in the sky are not for us.

Admittedly, stringing together four prestigious matches in 11 days may not be ideal for Swiss internationals, but that’s their job, right? Instead of washing us with their bruised bodies and their psychological fatigue, let them do this job anyway! Although the stars of the Seleção were more likely to be busy throughout the season, they complained a lot less curiously, who knows why. Anyway the next.

If a Swiss footballer is unable to field four games in June, he may be ill-prepared. Why should the players’ season in general be more exhausting than that of the fans who support them all year round? You, me, each of us are all longing for a vacation too without bemoaning that we can’t taste it now. If we’re advocating for holy union and national unity before challenging Spain and Portugal in Geneva, perhaps our dear footballers should think less of themselves than of their audience.

Gravity to be Evacuated

Faced with the populace’s displeasure aroused by the Nati’s latest blank forays, it’s also fitting to put such heaviness in the context of this particular early summer. Normally, the Swiss would be currently preparing for a World Cup and would all be galloping like rabbits to appear on the list of 23 selected players. This was the case four years ago when Vladimir Petkovic’s protégés met in Ticino to polish up the 2018 World Cup in Russia and a first deadline was set on June 17 against Brazil.

The World Cup in Qatar has been postponed for Christmas, so it is surprising to see Murat Yakin’s dragging their legs and not approaching this other competition with the seriousness it would need. Unless this League of Nations is nothing more than a big joke that everyone laughs at except those who paid dearly to come support Swiss boaters.

This so mushy Switzerland has tired us enough so far not to see it cry out for forgiveness for its lack of niaque on Thursday. The alarm clock has come for the players and his coach.

Regardless of the alleged accumulated fatigue of each other.

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