The Numéri’thèque is Shawinigan is inaugurated

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EDUCATION. On Friday 3 June, the organization Grandir Sans Frontières (GSF) inaugurated its Numéri’thèque in Shawinigan. This space, dedicated to technology and digital education, is at the heart of the DigiHub Shawinigan.

After opening a first Numéri’thèque in Verdun four years ago, the organization chose to open a new space in Mauricie. The Numéri’thèque is defined as a place of learning and creativity that improves access to technologies and promotes 3.0 education among citizens and actors in the school and community network.

On site, we offer digital education workshops (robotics, artificial intelligence, programming, multimedia, 3D modelling, awareness of digital citizenship and the challenges of society in the digital age). GSF also supports schools in the context of special projects in integrating technologies into the classroom.

For the occasion, Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, François-Philippe Champagne, announced a financial contribution of $1.125 million from the Canadian government to GSF, in support of its Déjouez les Codes project. !, as part of the CanCode program (CanCode).

“If we want to ensure our economic prosperity for many years to come, we must support young Canadians in the digital world,” said Minister François-Philippe Champagne. By investing in resources that teach students topics like coding and data analytics, we help them develop the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century economy. And it is precisely these skills that will enable them to move from classrooms to research labs, factories and conference rooms. Congratulations to Grandir Sans Frontières, who is committed to preparing the next generation for the jobs of tomorrow. †

Break the codes!

After reaching thousands of young people since 2017, this new edition of Déjouez is les codes! emphasizes the development of technology skills with a diverse range of turnkey technology and digital projects around the themes of computer programming, robotics, multimedia, 3D modeling for elementary school children and blockchain and cryptocurrency for high school students.

The project Let go of the codes! through March 2024, provides more than 8,000 learning opportunities for regional youth (under 100,000 population) and underrepresented youth, in Quebec, Alberta and Ontario.

“At a time of global digital transformation, it is essential to provide a framework and tools that are needed and adapted to the connected generation and lead them to see technologies as tools of creation rather than consumption,” says Anaïs Michot , President and CEO of Grandir. Without Borders. On the one hand, our actions are aimed at developing the skills of the next generation so that young people can express their full potential; and, on the other hand, to encourage them to take a critical look at the use of these technologies in a digital citizen approach. Grandir Sans Frontières is delighted to re-join the Codecan program and implement an initiative that has a direct impact on thousands of young people. †

This initiative offers teachers training and turnkey projects to encourage the integration of technologies into their teaching. The workouts will be accessible in hybrid synchronous and asynchronous format. This project provides a dual scale implementation, locally in Mauricie in partnership with DigiHub Shawinigan and online for the other regions in partnership with École and Réseau.

“These workshops are designed to be fun and popular for a better understanding of the fundamentals. Since the classes participate in the online workshops, schools outside the major cities will be able to benefit from this,” said Guillaume Laporte, Techno-Educator at Grandir Sans Frontières.

“Being a cyber citizen cannot be improvised; from an early age we must be able to understand the challenges of this new digital world, anticipate the changes that will precipitate us in the Metavers and let us live with artificial intelligences animated by quantum computers, nothing will ever be the same again. The inauguration of the Numéri’thèque is an important step in our intention to raise awareness and train our young people in these new challenges, whether they are in the regions should never be an obstacle,” adds the general manager of the Digihub Shawinigan, Philippe Nadeau.

Information about the Déjouez les Codes project! 2022-2024 will be online from June 15, 2022, For education professionals it is also possible to contact the organization to book a workshop for your class.

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