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Marie-Ève ​​​​Fournier and William Thériault’s dossier on the labor market, published in the Context section of June 5, has not failed to respond to our readers. Here is an overview of the emails received.

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no robots

Such an enlightening file, without judgment, and which puts a small smile on the corners of your mouth as you say to yourself: they must guts and of the forehead. In any case, they are true and they are right that they want to live their lives differently, instead of modeling it after the old slavery regime where the employer, not very grateful for his ingenuity, overnight with a flash of mood could draw him. In this new turning point, as soon as the employee takes up his position, he implies: you want your company to function to the maximum, treat me accordingly for the profit I will make you earn, otherwise goodbye boss, because I am not a robot, let alone you slave.

Marie-Laure Cyr

Social safety nets

As a 55-year-old X, I wonder if we can maintain social safety nets (health, family support, almost free education, etc.) with these young people working less and at their own pace.

Claude Dansereau

completely reversed

In the mid-1990s I worked as a corporate account manager at a large bank. We were brought together in all regions of Quebec to inform us that no one was officially employed, that restructuring was underway, and that we would notify one of these four of our status. We lived in this “in between” for several months. When we got our job confirmation, for most of us we were occasionally reminded that we were lucky to have a job. Unemployment was high, dependent children, a mortgage and a car loan to pay… Today the labor market is completely reversed; Despite my deep understanding and compassion for the serious problems that companies experience, I am still happy that my children benefit from this environment…

Denis Chauvette, Mirabel

Back to reality

Stop taking them for little geniuses, it’s annoying. For now they have the big end due to the lack of manpower, but this situation will not last ad vitam æternam. So, what are they going to do now?! It is a generation hypersensitive to everything where you have to choose your words so as not to hurt them. Reality will hit them one day and it will hurt.

Christopher LaPier

matter of respect

That’s all well and good, but young people need to show respect for their employers! You can demand working conditions and abide by the rules drawn up on both sides. No matter of not showing up on the day of an interview or a job! Rudeness and irresponsibility are at the heart of many problems!

Pierre Lefebvre

Young people are right

We baby boomers have worked so hard. We were on duty when the boss needed us; if it was at 5:15 pm, well, we stayed until he didn’t need us anymore… even if he had dinner from noon to 2:30 pm and came back a little tipsy… it’s the young people who are right : work, yes, but work in a logical way and so that it suits both boss (company) and employee.

Francine Davis, Boucherville

work to live

I am at the end of my career, I am 56 years old. Yes, I worked very hard and refused promotions to be closer to my family, but at the same time there was the judgment of others and the fear of losing my job. I saw the evolution of people sitting in front of me and expecting a lot from employees and great availability. Unable to combine family/work. Yes, I’ve had two burnouts in my career and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Young people are right: work to live and not the other way around. You just have to find the middle ground to help companies with this culture shift. What will this work bring me (in every sense of the word)? The interview is done by the young people and not by the company. This cultural change brings us back to the true meaning of life, to a certain balance that we, the elders, did not give them when they were little. Good report. I wish the young generation every success.

Nathalie Trudel

The future is theirs

Instead of criticizing, let’s move on with them, the future is theirs. Yes, let’s listen to them, it’s not that crazy. By changing the work paradigms, it is possible to give multiple people the opportunity to occupy a position. François Legault is pushing in the opposite direction of what reality shows us, by demanding more full time, he is on the wrong track. It is important that the work and responsibilities that rest upon us are done on time. Productivity depends on it and if we don’t take this modern twist while pushing for an outdated model, our situation will deteriorate. Attachment to a business no longer exists, so employers need to get on board to ensure its efficiency and sustainability. Let companies stop racking their brains to offer fringe benefits to differentiate themselves, let’s give those benefits back to the private sector when we need them, and focus on changing work performance in line with these new priorities.

Lise St Laurent

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