Football: the four names that will animate the European transfer window


Like every year, the transfer market will paralyze the football planet. Here are four names that could very well be the protagonists of summer’s soap operas.

Sadio Mane will be one of the great animators of the summer transfer window.


Luis Campos

When Kylian Mbappe revealed he wanted to renew his Paris lease, PSG supporters spent the 90 minutes of the match against Metz celebrating their hero. However, holding Bondy’s child was only the first of a long list of checkboxes for Parisian leaders. Second priority: fire Leonardo from his position as sports director and replace him with the Portuguese Luis Campos, former Monaco and close to the Mbappé clan.

Luis Campos is already one of the big names in this summer transfer window as the construction site is important on the Parc des Princes side. His name appears in all files related to PSG: that of the future of Mauricio Pochettino, that of the replacement of the same Pochettino (Christophe Galtier, the coach of OGC Nice, seems to have an advantage), that of the unwanted who do not want to leave (Icardi in the lead, followed by Herrera and Kurzawa), those of Ousmane Dembélé, Kimpembe, Tchouaméni and many others.

Despite this constant impression on the Paris transfer window, one question remains unanswered: will Luis Campos have enough leeway against the Qatari high spheres to make his mark? In the past, his predecessors Leonardo and Antero Henrique had to deal with the interference of the Emir of Qatar in sporting decisions on several occasions…

Sadio Mane

The fates of Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland have been settled since May, the star at the center of all desires is now Sadio Mane, who has only a one-year contract with Liverpool. But as rumors of a potential departure melt, what about the player’s will? For now, the main stakeholder maintains the vagueness.

“Like everyone else, I’m on social media and I see the reactions. 60-70% of Senegalese want me to leave Liverpool? I’ll do what they want,” the winger cryptically slipped at a press conference this week, before correcting himself a few hours later by saying it was a joke.

So which jersey could the native of Banbali wear next season? The rivals of Liverpool sent away, the giants of La Liga uninterested, one name stands out: Bayern Munich. In addition, Bayern’s sporting director and CEO – the legendary Oliver Kahn – was present in the stands of the Stade de France to watch Mane during the Champions League final.

Robert Lewandowski

moons inLewandowski from? In eight years on the Allianz Arena side, Lewandowski has had time to fill his trophy cabinet to the brim. After winning everything in Bavaria, the Polish striker is looking for a new challenge. In fact, this information has been widely known since the player spoke out on the matter. “What is certain at the moment is that my days at Bayern are over. The transfer will be a good solution for both parties. And I don’t think Bayern will stop me just because they can,” said Bayern’s second-highest goalscorer. publicly announced last week.

If “Lewa” wants to be sure of an exit from Bayern through the front door and without a hitch, his superiors don’t seem determined to make it any easier for him. “We’ve always said it, Lewandowski has a contract with Bayern Munich until June 30, 2023. And a contract is a contract! I’m a little surprised that Robert has chosen to make the affair public.” ImageHerbert Hainer, the chairman of Bayern.

If the German leaders happened to accede to the request of their number 9, FC Barcelona would be the most likely destination for Lewandowski. But again, it crashes. “As of today, Barça still cannot sign Lewandowski,” concluded Javier Tebas, the real media president of La Liga.

In question this time, the salary limits set by La Liga; based on each club’s income, the Spanish League sets the maximum amount that can be allocated to player salaries. And as Barça’s income has melted away since the pandemic, his salary cap has been cut significantly. Since March, it has even been set at -144 million: this means that the club has suffered its loss blaugrana were even bigger than La Liga expected. The only solution to reduce the wage bill and to be able to recruit: to sell.

Angel Di Maria

Ángel Di María may not be happy, but his PSG adventure is really over. “I wanted to stay. I had a two-year contract. I played one and the other was optional; it had to be validated by both sides,” lamented the former Real Madrid in an interview with the country this week. Satisfied or not, Ángel Di María is now a free agent. And a player for whom the teams rush to the gate!

In Argentina, the hinchas of Rosario Central begin to dream of a return to the herd of the child prodigy. On the Old Continent, Juventus has been following the player for months. But the latest tracks take the player to Barça’s side, where a one-year contract is expected to await him. For his part, El Fideo admit I’m not over it yet.

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