FOOTBALL – Antoine Mücke: “It’s still a full season”

The suspended coach of RC Salouël-Saleux (D2) witnessed his team’s defeat (1-2) in the Somme Cup final against US Abbeville (R3) from the stands of Moulonguet. For us, it takes stock of an oh-so-exceptional season, albeit tarnished by a missed ending.

Is it a disappointment to bend this way?

There was space, but we knew again that we were playing against a superior team. This does not mean that we have stopped playing, quite the contrary. Maybe we deserve more than this result, after that it’s part of football. You have to accept and bounce back as quickly as possible.

Was this one of your goals?

When we’re on a game, we play it thoroughly. The main goal wasn’t this, it was more the rise of D1. We made a misstep in our last game at Flesselles, so there we had the chance to come back and get a trophy to “save” the season. We didn’t succeed, but we shouldn’t throw everything in the trash this season. On the contrary, there are many positives and there are also negatives, we are going to work on it so that it is positive and we will start again next year.

Anthony Orsoni had equalized for Salouël, before Chevallier scored a winning direct free kick for US Abbeville.

Has your career in the Coupe de France not served you in the competition, in the sense that you were expected by your opponents?

Some teams do, others don’t. Then we have to accept that the teams want to beat us. This was already the case last year for our trip in the Coupe de France. We also have to win games where we lose, it’s football, like today, we can’t stop at a score. We must draw conclusions and not repeat the same mistakes next year.

What do you remember about this season?

The beautiful course in the French Cup necessarily. In the league we fought until the last game and we still make a final even if we lose it. It’s still a whole season, if only in terms of games, we played around thirty, for a district team it stops at 20, 25 big max.

I hope to keep all my staff

Antoine Mücke, coach of RC Salouël

That was it, it was the last game, we are going on holiday and the boys need a rest to quickly resume preparation in mid-July.

Has Salouël, with the allure and income of the Coupe de France, changed its dimension?

” Yes “ from this point of view and “no” because we remain in the same division. We will always remain a neighborhood club in the second division. In retrospect, it is certain that it might do some good to attract players and start over on a good basis. I think there are frameworks that will be important to maintain. Besides, I hope to keep my whole team. We’ll talk to the boys in due course. We have to prepare for next season already, the friendly matches to recruit started a week ago, but we couldn’t afford the cup match. We have a few players, but I won’t name them, we will talk to them in due course and I hope they sign with us to improve the team and achieve the goals that will be set in June.

Now keep the group you had this year, maybe that’s the hardest part

Yes, it’s hard because it’s always hard to stop guys from failing. After that I think there is a real challenge in Salouel. We are not going to lie to each other, we have a real goal to get to the League in three years. With the covid we’ve had twice, that’s where we fail at the gates of the last game. After that it doesn’t matter, we still have time, we will have to reach the goal anyway. We will give ourselves the means to do this, be it in attracting quality players, in terms of infrastructure, etc.

We are more of a family than a football club

Antoine Mücke, coach of RC Salouël

We understand that next year the goal will still be to aim for the climb…

That’s it, we said it from the start. We fought to the end, we weren’t afraid to say we didn’t play it, we knew what the goal was to climb. Hopefully we will confirm that next year.

We talked about possible leavers, have the emotions you experienced this year formed a group that wants to keep playing together?

I think because we are more of a family than a football club. So it’s not the money that will motivate the players, even if there are many with a higher level, I understand that. We are more on the family side than the business. The real values ​​of football are that we meet after training to have a beer and celebrate the victory in the locker room, it is more important than getting €50 a month to win a match.

Julien Benesteau

Photo credit: Audrey Louette (archive) and Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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