FOOTBALL (Regional 2): ​​​​The OJ Creusot bows heavily to the last of its coach Romain Degranges

While officially maintained for this final day of the championship, the JO Creusot players already had their heads elsewhere and completely missed their Sunday afternoon game in Montporcher where the Cluniac visitors scored a whopping 5 goals.

“Cluny has attacking qualities, they pierced us in almost every one of their offensives, even if we had started well,” Romain Degrange judged at the end of the meeting, his last as the head coach of the OJ Creusot after 6 years at the head of the pennant team.
With today’s encounter, there is not much positive to remember for the local players who were overtaken by visitors who were more into biting the ball and who returned to the dressing room at halftime with a very flattering score of 4 goals to 1. “We started good by opening the score, but we lacked effort and we suffered from individual errors that allowed the visitors to score. It is a nice small team with qualities, I sincerely hope they will continue,” concluded the now ex-coach of the PB Creusot.

From the meeting we will only remember the opening of the local score that incomprehensibly “blocked” the team and then suffered from visitors who played their maintenance at this meeting and showed more desire; and to their advantage, the visitors controlled the creusotine tendencies on the return from the dressing room where the local forwards couldn’t find the fault in the Clunisoise rear. And at the end of the game it’s even the visitors who raise the score after a nice slalom from the left side Charles Bertrand who comes close to beating Anthony Tuka after playing with the central creusotine hinge. And at the final whistle, the visitors who had fulfilled their part of the contract by winning in Montporcher feverishly awaited the results of the other encounters to see whether or not they would be kept in Regional 2.

At the end of the meeting, Romain Degranges, who was sitting on the bench for the JO Creusot for the last time, gave us a few moments to talk about the Creusotine adventure coming to an end.

“Amazing, and maybe it’s weird, I feel like I’m detached, I don’t feel like I’m coming to the end of my Olympics adventure. Maybe later, in retrospect and the weeks that will pass, I will realize it better I spent 6 years here I have some good years some more difficult but if we take stock we can remember that on my arrival the club was in R3 and I leave it it is in Regional 2, it’s quite positive from a level and standings point of view. In the course of the season coming to an end, we finish in our place, with a full squad, without the injuries that penalized us, we certainly could have hoped for better , but, I repeat, with our current means, we are in our place at the end of the Championship. This club deserves to be in Region 1, a new cycle will open with a new staff to support the team and the revitalize the club; and from vand Today I become a supporter of the JO Creusot, I leave my post well s conditions with the management team where there was a lot of recognition for the work done and as such I sincerely thank Alain Vannier, my 1st Chairman who brought me here and who gave me 6 years ago entrusted the reins of the first team. With the chairman I also greet the management committee of the club, who have always been by my side, alongside the staff in good and bad times and who have always put their trust in the staff and the players, even in difficult times. difficult. Together we followed our path and continued to write the history of the JO Creusot”.

Interview by Nicolas AKCHICHE

JO Creusot: Tuka, Poncet, Bredeau, Zenina, Wojktczak, Trévisan©, Botton, Beauménil, Grenot, Semane, Harrault. Participated in the game: Araujo Da Cunha and Rodrigues.
Coach: Romain Degranges

US Cluny: Gros©, Bertrand Charles, Rizet, Teixeira, Bonin, Kospiczewicz, Pommier, Bertrand Emile, Myard, Pacheco, Coulon. Enter the game: Delecluse, Mas and Lavene.
Coach: Kemel Saada

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