#Benin / CEP 2022: Admonishing words from Minister KARIMOU for candidates for the 1st school exam

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Next Tuesday, Tuesday 7 June 2022, the Primary Education Certificate (CEP) June 2022 session will begin across Benin. It is in Tchatchou in the municipality of Tchaourou, department of Borgou, that the government has decided to officially start the said tests.
On the eve of this first school exam, the Minister of Kindergarten and Primary EducationSalimane KARIMOU sent a warning message to young school children who were candidates for the CEP and recommendations to the actors involved in the organization of this exam and advice to the parents of candidates.
J-Marc Aurel AGOSSOU

CEP exam June 2022 session: Message from the Minister of Kindergarten and Primary Education

Beninese, Beninese,

Dear compatriots,

Dear Parents of Students,

Dear students,

Among the events that mark the life of a nation, we can mention the return to school and the year-end exams without running the risk of being mistaken. After several months of hard work, we are on the eve of the first massive exam, the Certificat d’Etude Primary (CEP). Among other things governed by the Orientation Law of the National Education in the Republic of Benin in Article 26: I quote “The end of primary education is sanctioned by the Certificate of Primary Education (CEP)” end of the quote. This is a nationwide exam that provides our students with the opportunity not only to undergo their first certification assessment, but also to earn their first academic degree. It is undoubtedly the gateway to general, technical and vocational secondary education.

Candidates registered for the June 2022 CEP session and numbered two hundred twenty-six thousand six hundred seventy-six (226,676) including one hundred seven thousand one hundred and twenty-nine (107,129) girls are composing from tomorrow, Tuesday, June 7-2022 to Friday, June 10, 2022 in seven hundred and seventy-five (775) centers spread over the national territory. Candidates with specific needs are now one hundred (100). Compared to the 2021 session, the registration figures show a decrease of 6.36%. This decline, which is becoming more frequent and which cannot be explained any less justified by the heavy investments that the State and its partners have been making for several years to keep all children in school, challenges more than one. The government led by its head will make every effort to promote equal access for all to quality education, as recommended in Sustainable Development Goal number 4 (SDG4).

I cannot stop myself in such circumstances from advising all those involved in conducting this research.

First of all, our candidates.

Dear children,

You have to deal with an assessment of your acquaintance as you are used to with your teachers. Granted, the context is slightly different, but it’s not horrific. All agreements are made in such a way that you do not look out of place. So don’t be afraid. Prepare your work materials from the day before and make sure you have not forgotten your school ID card. In the exam room, carefully and seriously read the context and instructions, starting with the question that seems most accessible to you, making sure to write the number on your composition sheet.

As for you parents of students, now is the time more than ever for you to assist your children, our candidates. Make sure they don’t miss anything during the four days of the trials. Due to the coincidence of calendars, the CEP exam takes place every year during the rainy season. Keep this in mind by planning suitable outfits for them.

I cannot end without reminding all adults involved in the organization of the exam, be it a teacher, a health officer, a safety officer, a representative of the local authorities, and so on, the mission is up to them entrusted. It essentially consists of ensuring that the investigation runs smoothly. The country expects you to strictly adhere to the rules governing the organization and conduct of exams. No shortcomings will be tolerated, because it concerns the future of our country.

In any case, surveillance teams are deployed on the national territory and are tasked with providing logistical and technical support where necessary.

It is on these words that, on behalf of the Government, I officially start the exam of the June 2022 Certificate of Primary Study (CEP) session.

Good luck to all of you!

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