What are the fashion trends for men in 2022?

In 2022, fashion will be inspired by old collections and invite new pieces in the men’s wardrobe. Stylistic trends are part of casual, chic and streetwear style. To stay trendy in all circumstances, men will rely on essential pieces, as well as accessories.

Make the difference with creative trends

Fashion Week Trends Reveal Latest Mens Creations stand out in a unique way† Among them you will find:

  • the tops with holes to reveal the abs or chest,
  • open T shirts,
  • backless knitwear,
  • shorts in skirt version,
  • feminized pieces like the crop top for daring looks…

The creators have proposed many extraordinary pieces to creating free-spirited looks

The importance of accessories for a successful look

This year, accessories will brighten up masculine looks, whatever the occasion. Sober, extravagant or even colorful, you just have to choose them according to your style to enhance your look. The goal will be to stand out with original pieces, designer pieces if possible. It is therefore advisable to choose high-end accessories, at the height of the desired stylistic representation. In addition, accessories give a personal touch to your look. They allow you to pass on a message and assert yourself freely.

The year 2022 also marks the return of men’s jewelry and in particular the men’s bracelet. The bracelet is not only trendy, but also fits all clothing styles. Aesthetic and original, it expresses an emotion and attracts attention: online you will find a wide choice of trendy bracelets that meet your expectations.

From the timeless leather bracelet to the most original models in wood or cord, the men’s bracelet will dress the wrists elegantly. However, you need to choose the right size and ensure a certain harmony if you decide to mount them. Only mix bracelets of the same style and leave an empty forearm don’t overload your appearance

A stylish watch or hat will also enhance your look. The belt has now been reduced to the bare minimum as we have seen at the Hermès fashion shows. On the bag side, the masculine bag, delineated in all its multiple forms, becomes more and more attractive. When it comes to shoes, wide and vintage sneakers will be everywhere.

Must have clothes

Lightness and simplicity are the watchwords of men’s fashion in 2022. Men will show off a streetwear and casual style tinged with elegance. It will be a matter of wearing pieces that are both casual and functional without sacrificing comfort. As such, it will be necessary to give preference to breathable materials such as cotton, linen and lycra, especially for the spring-summer period.

No room for nonchalance with loose clothing: choose pieces that emphasize your figure† Of course you wear basics such as jeans, sweaters and shirts without forgetting the key pieces of the year.

cargo pants

If you like to dress comfortably, all you need to do is integrate cargo pants into your looks to keep up with the times. Timeless and streetwear it fits perfectly with all silhouettes. We associate it with a t-shirt, a hoodie, a cap to stay urban. To show a more elegant stylistic signature, you can combine it with a shirt or a casual jacket. Swap sneakers for loafers and you’ll instantly look more dressed for work.

the vest

If the long version has allowed you to spend the winter in style, the men’s cardigan will be a key piece for spring 2022. It goes with everything to replace a sweater once the temperatures drop. The main advantage of this garment this year is that it can look both casual and dressy.

We prefer it to be designed with cashmere, merino wool or another breathable fabric. For more elegance, always opt for a fitted cut and simple lines to easily combine it with a checked shirt and chinos. Add derbies or sneakers for a casual chic look.

Shirt with Cuban Collar

Also called Revered Collar Shirt, the shirt with cuban collar flatters all body types† It finds its place among the current trends because of its street style and its timelessness. It’s one of the few pieces that you can wear without worrying about slipping when you match the style with the bottom. Models in sober colors can easily be worn over striped linen trousers to spend pleasant summer evenings. This shirt can also be paired with matching Bermuda shorts, especially when it reveals colorful patterns.


For the summer, the Bermudas are back with original patterns. It is available in a variety of traditional cuts, as well as highly fashionable cargo cuts. Light and airy for summer, these shorts are worn short, at knee height to reveal the legs. Don’t hesitate to offer yourself fitted Bermuda shorts to combine with a close-fitting top to enhance your silhouette.

Some brands offer elegant Bermuda shorts, ideal for going to work. This spring-summer essential pairs perfectly with a pair of strappy sandals, another key piece of the year.

trendy colors

In 2022, clothes will be colorful, especially with pink, black and green.


Monochrome is more fashionable than ever this year. When it is mentioned, some people think of lifeless, dull looks. However, wearing monochrome is not synonymous with wearing a single shade from head to toe. However, if you like it, the trick is to: mix textures by playing with materials† The shine of satin and the sobriety of cotton, a silk shirt over chinos, the possibilities are endless. Otherwise, betting on shades to boost the look is the best solution. Get help from the color wheel to determine the monochromatic shades of your favorite color and mix them according to your wishes.

Men's 3-piece suit

the pink

Long worn under suits, pink has been entering the men’s wardrobe for a few years now. If you only had the light pink shirt for your formal events, then you need a few more pieces. This color is essential to dress chic for any occasion. Light or flashy, it interferes with casual and formal looks, sublimating bermudas or a polo shirt.

The pink color brings this softness and freshness that it has long deserved to be feminine. However, the line between what men and women wear is becoming increasingly blurred. Everyone can express themselves through the colors and pieces of their choice† Men see life in pink and this does not affect their masculinity in any way. If some men dare the total look, especially with pink tones, others will be able to mix this color with another timeless, black.


Black is a basic color that goes with everything, but it’s having a certain rage this year. No more association of black with sadness or grief: black exudes elegance† For a chic evening, you will become a man in black with a total look made with well-chosen pieces. A dressy outfit consisting of a suit or chinos and a shirt is perfect.

For everyday looks, don’t let your polo shirt and your black Bermuda go far. You can also count on the basic black jeans and t-shirt to stay comfortable.

The green

Green in all its glory can be found on many catwalks, especially spring collection fashion shows. It will be displayed at the top or bottom in harmonious shades with the rest of the look† We prefer a light green t-shirt over light blue jeans. Keep the contrasts for formal looks, for example a pine green shirt, a light gray blazer and raw jeans. Green also brightens up masculine accessories. A little note on a scarf, bracelet or tie will help you tame this color.

In 2022, menswear will be more dynamic than ever† If some pieces like Bermuda are always fun, several other creations are worth the detour. All you need to do is find your style and embellish it with accessories without forgetting to spice it up with bright colors.

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