In the spotlight: six ministers threatened in parliamentary elections

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Legislative elections in France? It will be a battle of all dangers for six ministers, including Clément Beaune in Paris. In the 7th district of the capital, an Ifop survey for The Sunday newspaper and SouthRadio indicates that the insurgent candidate Catherine Mecary would take the lead in the first round: 41% of the voting intentions for her, against 36% for the minister responsible for Europe. In the second round, the left-wing candidate would win, with 51% of the vote, against 49% for Clément Beaune, indicates the JDD

The risk of being beaten, and thus excluded from the government? He is ” Real ” in front of ” six ministers in delicate situation ‘ warns this weekly. In addition to Clement Beaune, the JDD recalls the cases of Justine Benin, in Guadeloupe, Amélie de Montchalin, in Essonne, near Paris, Stanislas Guérini, in Paris, Brigitte Bourguignon, in the north of France, and Damien Abad, in the east.

In the sunday newspaper also, Manuel Bompard, right arm of the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon, accuses Emmanuel Macron of wanting “ step over the legislature », and thinks that the candidates of the Nupes (the left alliance), may be « present in the second round in almost 500 constituencies of the 577.

KO faces Darmanin after stadium chaos

And the controversy over the chaos eight days ago at the Stade de France has not helped the government, especially the interior minister. The magazine The Express doesn’t sit well with Gérald Darmanin. † The fiasco of the Champions League final in the Stade de France (…) and these chaos images broadcast in mondovision tell a nice story about the dysfunction of the police station. No offense to the tirades of Gérald Darmanin », hammers The Express

Putin, the tropism of cancer in the press

The war in Ukraine now, with questions this week about the health of the Russian president. Vladimir Putin sick? That’s what he said news week† Referring to a classified report prepared by Washington at the end of May, this American magazine claims that Vladimir Putin would have undergone cancer treatment in April ” at an advanced stage

In France, the weekly magazine the Obs points out that Vladimir Putin travels with a team of five doctors (including a thyroid cancer specialist)”, and that he must attend meetings “interrupted by breaks to receive care

Out of stock in the arsenal

On the ground, the military situation remains confused in the eastern region of Donbass, where the warring factions are running out of ammunition, starting with the Ukrainian army. Shortly after the start of the Russian offensive, the Ukrainian General Staff declared the need for 500 anti-tank missiles javelin daily weekly The Express points out that “ annual production capacities barely reach 6 000 pieces per year “. According to this magazine the case of Soviet-designed ammunition, which is still widely used by the Ukrainian armed forces, seems to be the other big black spot. At the current rate of fighting, they will be exhausted very quickly. “. And switch to western weapon systems.” will necessarily take time warns a former commander of US forces in Europe named Ben Hodges in The Express

The Lilliputian Moldova

Semi-detached neighbor of Ukraine, there is one country that worries the fate of Ukraine, it is Moldova. † The sound of boots crushing Ukraine relentlessly has become deafening. And Moldova submitted its application for membership of the European Union on March 3. Even to outline an unprecedented rapprochement with NATO, point the Obs† What could his meager land army of 6,000 do in the face of neighboring Gargantua? », asks this weekly, with a question that has the answer.

Putin-Erdogan, tandem of the devil

Especially because in this big game of a new type in Europe, Vladimir Putin can count on strong support within NATO, that of Turkey’s Erdogan. Despite their differences, they get along well. † The two men are about the same age, marked Point (…) Both ruled undisputedly in their countries for twenty years and used a fairly similar method of government: concentration of powers in the hands of one man, oppressed or imprisoned opposition, seizure of the media, justice under command… Erdogan-Putin? Point coined a nickname for them: “The diabolical”. From the Kremlin to the Sublime Porte… of hell, in short…

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