directly. Football. Caen pauses with the girls, Villers addicted to Flers

Just before half time, Alizée Leroty quickly concretized the dominance of SM Caen with two goals.

Hello and welcome live from the Venoix stadium where the first round leg of the Stade Malherbe Caen women’s play-off takes place. We will be following this meeting live as well as the last day of Region 1 and Region 2.

Mother D2
SM Caen 2 – 0 Slats

Regional 1
Ducey 0 – 4 ASPTT Caen
Mondeville 2 – 0 Cherbourg B
Tourlaville 2 – 2 Gonfreville
Flers 3 – 0 Argentina

Regional 2
Ouistreham 0 – 1 Equeurdreville
West Cotentin 0 – 2 Vire B
Villers Houlgate 2 – 2 Flers B
Bourguebus 1 – 0 Mezidon
Carentan 3 – 0 Coast of the Islands
Punt Haag 1 – 2 Verson

4.07 pm: Roadblock. After a good series of possession, Caen gets the first corner of the second period.

4.05 pm: Roadblock. It’s back to Venoix! Caen leads 2-0 against Lattes, in front of a large crowd.

3:55 PM: Region 1. Gonfreville equalized in Tourlaville (2-2). For the best second place, the ASPTT has to wish Caen a defeat of Tourlaville so that Argentan is part of the teams considered in the mini-championship.

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3:55 PM: Region 1. Just before half time we had ignored Mondeville’s second goal, the signed Edouard Ozanne. 2-0 against Cherbourg B.

3.50 pm: Region 1. On this last day Flers will have no regrets. Elias Douaffirou extends his lead to 3-0.

3.48 pm: Roadblock. Alizée Leroty doubles the lead for Stade Malherbe! A new center striker, with whom the Caennaises were able to break through just before half-time, flopped steps (2-0).

3:48 PM: Region 2. Carentan takes his win and sinks Ouistreham, who goes to Regional 3 unless the situation changes. 3-0 between Carentan and Cote des Iles.

3:47 pm: Region 2. Surprise in Villers, Flers B equalize from penalty (2-2). For now, Hérouville has been virtually promoted to R1!

3.46 pm: Roadblock. Alizée Leroty concretizes the domination of Stade Malherbe! 1-0 against Lattes.

3:45 PM: Region 2. Verson takes the lead at Pointe Hague thanks to Victor Pomar (1-2, 43′).

3:43 PM: Region 1. ASPTT Caen now leads Ducey 4-0 thanks to a goal from Alex Quitté (40′).

3:42 p.m.: Region 1. It doesn’t fit ASPTT Caen in the battle for the best second place. Tourlaville leads 2-0 against Gonfreville.

3:40 PM: Regional 2. Vire takes out the heavy artillery to save his reserve. Goal by Dorian Charlier at West Cotentin (0-1).

3:38 p.m.: Region 2. Verson equalizes Florian Bouaziz at Pointe Hague (1-1).

3:38 p.m.: Region 2. It stinks for Verson and Ouistreham… Equeurdreville opens Lelong’s score. 1-0 against Ouistreham.

3:33 pm: Dam. Malherbe misses three big chances in quick succession, with a cross in the field. We should not regret this lack of efficiency…

3:29 PM: Dam. The Caennaises dominate the head on the game, trying to find their luck without the mistake. Still 0-0 against Lattes!

3.25 pm: Region 2. Still 0-0 between Ouest Cotentin and Vire B. Keny Bertheaume released a penalty.

3:24 PM: Region 2. Flers’ reserve lowers the score in Villers: 2-1.

3:23 p.m.: Region 2. Villers seems to bury Hérouville’s last hopes (but were there any?): 2-0 against Flers B, goal by Matthieu Thirouin.

3.23 pm: Region 1. And the double for Nicolas Camillo, who pushes Ducey! 3-0 for ASPT Caen!

3:22 p.m.: Region 1. ASPTT Caen takes a break from Ducey! Julien Gervais is the second goalscorer for the Caennais, who consolidate their second place (22′).

3.20 pm: Region 1. Bryan Bottuli is on fire! Fourth goal in two games for the Mondevillais striker. Mondeville 1 – 0 Cherbourg B.

3.19 pm: Region 2. Important Info: Villers-Houlgate opens the score for the Flers Reserve by Hakim Kadrejane. Benjamin Morel’s men are virtually in Region 1!

3.17 pm: Region 1. Nicolas Camillo continues his festival with ASPTT Caen by opening the score for Ducey (0-1, 18′). The PTTs are again second after R1.

3.17 pm: Region 2. It is now 2-0 for Carentan against Côte des Îles.

3:15 PM: Region 2. Benoît Veyrinas has made his calculations: a victory over Mézidon would give Bourguébus the best tenth place and therefore a nice surprise. Bourguebus leads 1-0!

3.14 pm: Region 2. Surprise at Pointe Haag! The locals opened the score against Verson (1-0).

3.12 pm: Region 2. In a match that interested Ouistreham a lot, Carentan opened the scoring against Côtes des Îles. It is not good at all for the Pêqueux, who welcome Equeurdreville.

3.11 pm: Roadblocks. Excellent free kick by Juliette Chotard. Head of Alizée Leroty above.

3.10 pm: Region 1. Flers doubles the bet against Argentan by Antoine Steffen (2-0, 8′).

3:10 p.m. Not many goals to put in the mouth in these early games.

3:08 p.m.: Playoffs. First intervention of Jade Dumas in Malherbe. Start of the game slightly in favor of the Caennaises, who try to impose their ground game (0-0).

3:02 PM: Region 1. Flers opens the scoring for Argentan thanks to Louis Duval. The Flériens put ASPTT Caen, who plays with Ducey, under pressure.

3 p.m.: Malherbe will try to take an option in the second round of the play-offs against Lattes. Qualifying is played back and forth. The Venoix stadium is lavishly filled and the MNK gives voice!

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