2nd edition of the Young Talents competition: the lucky winners receive a scholarship

The second edition of the Young Talent Competition (CJT), which rewards the best students of Conakry schools, in spelling, in general culture, in song and dance, took place on Saturday, June 4, 2022 at the People’s Palace in Conakry. The initiative comes from Campus Atlas, a school consultancy in collaboration with the UNDP, the Hadja Anne Marie Sacko Foundation and the hotel complex Le village Tassana.

The Young Talent Competition (CJT) placed 16 pre-university education institutions in competition. The best students from these schools showed their talents in front of their peers and a cosmopolitan audience made up of representatives from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the supervisory ministry and regulators.

According to Mr. Diallo Abdoulaye Boudine, Coordinator of the Young Talent Competition (CJT) and manager of the Atlas campus, this competition aims to find, support young talents in school, boost their self-confidence and provide them with a forum to to speak out.

“We are a study consultancy. We work in education, what drives us to organize the Young Talents Competition (CJT) is that through the orientation assessments we made, we realized that the students we work with had a personal development problem. They lacked self-confidence, did not dare to speak and struggled to express themselves. The competition for young talent has been set up to give them a platform to express themselves and develop. It’s part of what we do. It is a continuation of the school orientation program”, explains the competition coordinator.

Four (4) prizes to be won in four (4) categories

This is the Spell Me section, a category in which each school presented a candidate who has proven himself in spelling the most difficult words. The Budding Genius category, which also had one candidate per school and the candidates had to answer general knowledge questions in various fields.

There are also young talents in singing and dancing. Some children are very gifted in music and dance, so Campus Atlas wants to promote and support young talent in these fields. After the performances, the lucky winners receive support and perform with professionals.

Participating is already winning

The Atlas campus aims to create emulation between students, between schools. Everyone who participated in the second edition of the Young Talents Competition will be banned from school. This is what competition coordinator Abdoulaye Boudine Diallo explains to us: “Each category has a prize. Now we have school stops and we are going to reward all applicants, unlucky ones or winners. Successful candidates will leave with a scholarship worth one million Guinean Francs and academic support. For example, those in general culture and the spell-me component will be guided in the field of writing and oral expression. On the vocals we have the label “Meurs libre prod”, by Abdoulaye N’Baye who is ready to accompany the lucky winner to record a song and if possible allow him to continue in this field. In the field of dance, there is the national Pokémon dance group that will do choreographies with young people to help them develop.”

In this educational adventure, the Campus Atlas company was accompanied by many actors, in particular the UNDP. This UN institution has been supporting the Guinean government for years in various sectors. They also provide technical assistance to NGOs and autonomous structures active in the field of development. “The UNDP supports the Guinean government in its structural policy and we also support structures per se in development-related activities. Whoever talks about development, talks about education… We must therefore support NGOs and structures in this area’, says Samba Kanté, expert in entrepreneurship and youth engagement at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

He adds that this competition creates an emulation around these schools and improves the level of the students. “When a child recites the words, it is part of his training. It is in this dynamic that the UNDP supported this activity. †

For Hadja Anne Marie Sacko, president of the foundation of the same, some young people are very talented, but the parents do not have the means to support them. That is why she is committed to supporting every edition of the Young Talents Competition.

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