11 fashion trends for fall 2021

Summer is coming to an end and although it makes me a little sad, I am especially excited to get back into my autumn clothes. The new seasons always bring new trends, each more beautiful than the next and I love discovering what will be in fashion in the coming months. Of course I don’t adopt all trends, but I would like to know them to see what I do and do not want to integrate into my wardrobe.

That’s why I browse the web’s biggest fashion references every season to give you an idea of ​​the trends ahead. Below I offer you twelve fashion trends for autumn 2021.

apres ski

Credit: Simons

The après-ski look is back! We love this trend, because what could be more comfortable than a sweater? In addition, the different prints automatically give us a lot of style.

The sweater in the photo can be found here.

Sleeveless knitted sweaters

Credit: H&M

This trend comes straight from the 90s-2000s. I like sleeveless knit sweaters because they have an original look and are very versatile. They can be worn without anything underneath weather permitting or over a t-shirt, turtleneck and dress. The look possibilities are endless!

You can find the jacket in the photo here.

Spotlight on colors

Credit: Penningtons

Autumn is getting colorful! Various bright shades are trending, so just pick the one you like the most. From bright red to mustard yellow to royal blue, our fall wardrobe will be flamboyant! In addition, it will be well seen to mix bright colors together to create dynamic looks.

You can find the blouse in the photo here.

Quilted textures

Credit: H&M

Quilted textures are popular this season! From jackets to handbags, quilting invites itself into our wardrobe to give us the trendiest urban style.

The quilted handbag can be found here.

The Return of the 2000s

Credit: H&M

I probably won’t teach you anything, but the 2000s are back! For fall, that means you can wear overalls with sweaters underneath, boots with block heels, plaid miniskirts with a cardigan, etc. There are different styles that you can adopt to your taste.

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The skirt in the photo can be found here.

classic sweaters

Credit: Simons

You probably don’t even need to go shopping for this trend! You probably already have a sweater like this in your drawers and if not, it’s easy to find at thrift stores. Considering we’ve spent the past year and a half in comfy clothes, it makes sense that one of the fall 2021 trends is all about comfort. Chunky cable knit sweaters and rib knit sweaters will therefore be very fashionable in the coming months.

The featured sweater can be found here.

printed pants

Credit: H&M

This fall, fashion is certainly not minimalist. In the coming weeks we will see a lot of trousers with striking prints such as animal prints, flowers and checks. We personally like it a lot!

You can find the pants in the photo here.

loose jeans

Credit: H&M

Thanks to the youth of Gen Z, skinny jeans are from† This fall, we’re going for absolute comfort by using the season’s trendy jeans: loose and high-waisted. To create a great look with this type of pants, you can wear a cropped top, a fitted sweater or a nice blouse worn with jeans.

You can find the jeans in the photo here.

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The lavender color

Credit: female

The lavender color will be one of the most fashionable this fall. It is a beautiful color that will look good on most skin tones. The lilac color goes well with several other colors such as black, white, gray, blue and other shades of mauve.

You can find the sweater in the photo here.

Coordinated Knit Sets

Credit: Simons

Coordinated knit sets are both chic and casual. Wear it this fall without hesitation, because they will be very trendy.

The items in the photo can be found here and here.

Midi dresses and skirts

Credit: female

The midi length is between the knee and the ankle. This length is not so much in vogue (we rather see the maxi length or the mini length), but when it is, it gives us more options of looks as we like to wear dresses and skirts. Moreover, this length is very elegant!
You can find the dress in the photo here.

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