Stranger Things, Sex Education, AHS: Why do series crack on 80s soundtracks?

There are more and more series that use hits from the 80s in their soundtrack. This is also the case with Stranger Things!

Who hasn’t already shazam a song in the middle of an episode of Weird stuff † And it’s not for nothing that the Netflix series uses many hits from the 80s to create a certain atmosphere. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Stranger Things, Sex Education, AHS and Glee pay tribute to the 1980s

Many series are inspired by the 80s to tell different stories. The past then becomes a real subject.

It’s no secret the series becomes real influencers, and that Netflix got it right. Yes, there is a lot of content on the platform that dives into the 1980s. So in short, we are witnessing a very supposed revival!

Weird stuff

The whole plot of Weird stuff is set in the 80s. This makes this series 100% 80s content. It is not only retro, but also the fact that they are young and new actors unknown to the general public adds an authentic side to the TV series.

Yes, before you became the star of Weird stuffMillie Bobby Brown was not very well known, although she had already shot in Grey’s Anatomy† Just like Noah Schnapp who starred in a Steven Spielberg movie before joining this series, The Bridge of Spies, alongside Tom Hanks. Only that!

As a memory, Weird stuff tells the story of a group of friends who search for one of their Will Byers, but things don’t go as planned. In reality, Mike, Lucas and Dustin meet a young girl on the run out of nowhere. Her name is Elf, they will soon discover that she is not like all other girls their age.

But despite its atypical side, she will become a key element in finding their friend Mike† Parallel universe, pursuit, friendship, love, disappearance and science fiction sum up the series well. Weird stuff

Weird stuff became the most-watched English series of all time on Netflix. The Duffers brothers make a very good start for the first part from season 4. Even if the latter drops some mistakes like Will’s birthday

Sex education

Secure, Sex education is part of the modern series, but that doesn’t stop it from mimicking the 80s at times. Indeed, this Netflix series does not hesitate to pay tribute to the 80s and 90s in its soundtrack. And rightly so, it is an English drama, so drama and comedy go hand in hand.

In contrast to Weird stuffSex education is interested in adolescent sexuality. So, about the episodes and seasons, the series breaks all taboos to help young people growevolve.

To carry all these sex tips and more, the Netflix series has chosen a soundtrack with iconic titles from the 80s. We find Billy Idol with dancing with myself, Ann Peebles with her title I can’t stand the rain or even a-ha with bring it on† From Season 1, Sex Education has filled the ears of music fans!

American horror story 1984

Fan of the 80s? There is a good chance that the series AHS 1984whether you’re disappointed with this season or whether you’ll like it. So it’s double or stop!

Like any good seasonamerican horror story, the credits set the tone and invite you to travel. Retro vibe and slashers guaranteed!

the makers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk bet on pop references† Thereby, in the one minute credits, we see an aerobics class, neon lights to introduce the cast, Converse, roller skating and break dancing. In short, nothing is left to chance.


Even the series cheerfulness was entitled to his eightieth quarter of an hour† Indeed, in Episode 2 of Season 6, the members of the Glee Club perform the song Bring it on of the A-ha group. For the occasion, they have completely taken elements of the original clip.

By doing this, cheerfulness attracts a new target, the parents of young teenagers fans of this series. For example, a young teen can introduce his family to an episode through a cover made to a hit song from the 80s. Just that!

But how to explain that series like Weird stuff so inspired by the 80s? MCE TV tells you more!

Why are the series so interested in this period?

For the simple and good reason that: Generation Z likes to (re)discover elements of an era they don’t know† It is therefore an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of their parents or even that of their grandparents. Basically, there is a kind of “fantasy” to see what the world used to be like.

Finally, we’ve all heard the famous exclamation more than once“It used to be better!”† Let’s dive into the universe of the 80s, but through the series! Just as much combined the useful with the pleasant.

The fashion of the new generation series

Who has never heard of it? Beverly Hillsdallas or dynasty † well everyone these series from the 80s and 90s were very successful at the time

Based on this observation, the American channels smelled that nostalgia could pay off. Thereby, Beverly Hills 90210 (1990) continued with the Restart 90210 Beverly Hills: New Generation (2008)† For his part, in 2012 Dallas and his unforgiving universe also saw the arrival of a sequel.

Thereafter, dynasty launched in 1981 continues to expand its empire in the new version of the series made in 2017† In addition, its seasons are available on Netflix.

If these series prolong the nostalgia among the fans of the first hour, others do not hesitate to go back to the 80s to make it their plot. This is also the case with Weird stuffMCE TV tells you more!

Stranger Things brings current clothing and objects from the 80s

Yes, the Netflix series, Weird stuff is the eighties series par excellence. And for good reason, to set the tone, the Duffer brothers have thought of everything when they imagined this story. This way, no detail is left to chance.

The mul-cut also had its heyday in season 2 and 3 of Weird stuff† And this thanks to the character of Billy Hargrove, Max’s big brother, who passed away last season and possibly from back in season 4

Weird stuff has also stimulated many fashion pieces that we all would rather not see again soon. As the so-called corny cap, the visor† Or the metal jacket, the typical 80s piece of clothing.

The 80s Invite Themselves Into Stranger Things Soundtrack

Since May 27, not a day has gone by without everyone talking about it Weird stuff† And it’s not for nothing that the Netflix series is back with a new, previously unreleased season, somewhat inspired by episodes of Game of Thrones† Moreover, it seems that the new villain looks like the night king

Another surprise, season 4 already shines thanks to its exceptional soundtrack. Which is not surprising, because all the seasons of Weird stuff were interrupted by many cult songs† Starting with season 1 titled Should I stay or should I go? from The Clash.

In Season 2, Cindy Lauper’s hit Time after timeguides Dustin and Nancy on the dance floor at prom† A more than moving scene. How not to think of Madonna when it comes to the 80s? So, in episode 2 of season 3, his song material girl illustrates a shopping session between Max and Eleven.

How not to mention this iconic title from Season 3 of Weird stuffnever ending story by Limahl sung by Dustin and his beloved Suzie† A beautiful cover full of joy.

The soundtrack of part 1 of season 4 is a hit

place at the playlist season 4 † In the first episodes there are many cult songs like California Dreamin’ of the mommies and the daddies, Tarzan Boy from Baltimora or Pass the Dutchman of the Musical Youth group.

And like the Stranger series Stuff expected the soundtrack to appeal to fans, the soundtrack to the first part of Season 4 will be released in September. It will be necessary wait until July 1, 2022 to rediscover other 80s hits† Meanwhile, there’s another song that pops up a lot in this season 4 and that’s a Kate Bush title.

A Kate Bush hit enjoys new success thanks to season 4 of Stranger Things

yes this song Running up that hill regained popularity since the launch of season 4 of Weird stuff† Not only does it return to the threads of new episodes often, but it comes up especially at key moments. And for good reason, it’s Max’s favorite song

This item is back in fashion! It climbs to the top of the ranking of the most listened to songs around the world right now. This classic is experiencing a +9.900% rebound in just 4 days. The song then comes in 2nd place in Spotify’s Top 50 to the US.

This insane success has led to many occasions on TikTok. Indeed, internet users like to reveal what their favorite songs are for (SPOILERS ALERT) Escape Vecna.

This Kate Bush title can be found in other content available on Netflix. In reality, this hit by Kate Bush is much appreciated by the artistic director of Balmain, Olivier Roustein. By the way, he even put this song in his documentary child prodigy

Olivier Rousteing also revealed in a Netflix interview that he was a fan of the 80s looks of Weird stuff† He would have loved to dress up the cast. Only that!

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