Police managers promote teamwork

Police officers from across Quebec gathered for three days this week for their annual colloquium in Rivière-du-Loup.

Several topics were discussed and two recommendations particularly caught our attention, namely the establishment of a Quebec police aid program in Quebec and the standardization of the technological tools of police organizations.

Sensitive files

“Some files are sensitive to all police officers in Quebec. We believe that a Quebec aid program should see the light of day and, in our view, should be financially supported by the Quebec government. This program could be similar to the one found in Ontario for the OPP (Provincial Police of Ontario),” explains Pierre Brochet, president of the ADPQ and director of the Service de Police de Laval.

“With regard to the standardization of the technological tools of police organizations, the ADPQ reiterates that the multiplicity of technological systems is detrimental to the interoperability of organizations and to the development of new solutions. It is therefore important to promote the consolidation of purchases of technological systems. In addition, if a decision is made to proceed with this project, the purchase of wearable cameras would be the first group purchase,” said Didier Deramond, ADPQ general manager.

CENTAUR Strategy

The CENTAURE strategy is also one of the topics discussed. “Cooperation between our police forces is essential to effectively fight major crimes in each of our areas. Among them is armed violence, which is rampant throughout the province, but whose devastation is particularly felt in the metropolitan area. This consultation against armed violence is evidenced by the implementation of the CENTAURE strategy, which is based in particular on prevention and repression,” according to a press release from the Association.

200 arrests recorded

An initial evaluation of the said strategy confirms the arrest of more than 200 people; the seizure of nearly 300 firearms; the seizure of seven 3D printers; the dismantling of five production sites.

“Communication and partnerships are essential to the success of our interventions, and early results clearly show this. Citizens’ security remains a priority and our concerted efforts in the CENTAURE strategy mobilize us in our determination to end this violence. Citizens’ safety remains a priority and our concerted efforts in the CENTAURE strategy mobilize us in our determination to end this violence,” the organization emphasizes.

Award winning projects

The symposium is also an opportunity to showcase the excellence of several projects put forward by police forces across Quebec. This year, the ADPQ received 14 applications. Nine projects were awarded. In the road safety category, the two winners are the police of the city of Bromont (Project: Let’s prevent the irreparable) and the police of the city of Laval (Project: Plan for road safety and environmental intervention and school zones).

In the category: non-categories, there are seven award-winning services: the Sûreté du Québec (Project: SQtv, Politievlogue), the Police of the City of Longueuil (Project: Réso); the police of the city of Terrebonne (project: liaison officers in domestic violence); the Gatineau Police (Project: Diversity Partners Committee); Quebec City Police (Project: Meeting the Elderly Programme), Granby City Police (Project: Homelessness Consultation); the public security service MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais (Project: MAINtenant ENSEMBLE).


The ADPQ represents police leaders and their partners to contribute to improving the safety of Quebec residents. Members include all leaders of the 31 municipal police organizations, the Sûreté du Québec, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other public security services operating in Québec. The ADPQ plays an important role of consultation and collaboration with several Quebec ministries, including those of Public Security, Justice, Health and Social Services, Education, Recreation and Sports, as well as Transportation.

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