Nicolas Guibal has been fired from Sète football club and is “happy and proud”

If the bitterness is great after his eviction, the child of the country wants to keep the positive.

After four years at the head of FC Sète in National, making him the coach with the longest life after Gibson, Tomaszower, Calabuig and Scala, he knows the music.

The four seasons of Nicolas Guibal are indeed baroque. Climb to N1 after an exemplary career, memorable epic in the Coupe de France and hard-fought maintenance in difficult conditions this year… The coach will have been through it all. But when he felt the pace change little by little, he still hoped to hold the baton for a while among these colors that are dear to him.

A break to close

It will be different. “It’s been radio silence since we got the maintenance. So we had to force the doors,” says the man who was informed this week that his contract was not renewed. “I was received by the head of security, because the president was not there. I prefer not to talk about that, in the same way as the reasons given to me… importance to some. I prefer to stick to the beautiful things that we have experienced four years, and on the support I meet with many people, in the city or on social networks I was recently on an internship at the DTN, all the coaches congratulated me on what we have done this year All this warms it up heart and fills the hole… At the club, only Yoni Ragioneri and his communications director, who also represented the young people, took the time to tell me things.”

The club will communicate after the DNCG

For Yoni Ragioneri, “the club has been separated from Nicolas Guibal for internal reasons. Several of us decide and we are not bad boys. As for the players, with the departure of Sbaï, Baouia or even Solvet, we could not keep some of them For others, we made a choice that didn’t just take into account the level on the field.”

It remains to be seen what the next group will look like. The club will only communicate in this way after its appearance before the DNCG on June 8th. His file has to date been validated by the Commissioner.

A support built for the last day

Nicolas Guibal was simply no longer in the management’s plans, which continues the change that had started during the season with the departure of Sandryk Biton. “I made them proposals, for example I would have liked to be with the club full-time, but I was not listened to. They had already contacted someone else. It’s a shame because he told me it seems like with the players and the staff , we did a good job in difficult conditions Admittedly the maintenance was validated on the last day but it was built when Sandryk Biton and Jean-François Gambetti went to find players from N2 and N3 to create a group “This season, a box was opened for us but we didn’t want to go in. We came through this season in unison, with a particularly good period halfway through. Maintain, we made it then.”

loyal soldier

All choices can be questioned, it is a fact. Especially in the sports world. This can be charged. In the meantime FC Sète has decided to say goodbye to one of its most loyal soldiers. “I love this club. When we attack in National, in Saint-Brieuc, I have tears in my eyes. With pride. Because when I started my coaching career, my goal was to be at FC Sète. I know that there are cycles between coaches, but I don’t think I’m at the end of mine I gave my all, I drove the minibus on every trip, I even coached the reserves when “Archi” was struggling… I’m not trying to move people, I’m just happy and proud of my time, we were able to fill the stands, play a big match against Lille in the Coupe de France, go unbeaten for two years at Louis-Michel… That’s why I’ll remember everything except the ending.”

An opinion always clear

Nicolas Guibal will therefore consider the future without his green and white emblem at the heart. Sabbatical year or new project? The future will soon learn. But he will always keep an eye on FC Sète. And an opinion that is still just as clear. “The club has often gone down to hit the abyss. And we realize that every time it comes back up, it’s with a local man. I fear we will systematically make the same mistakes again. I sincerely wish them success “But I’m afraid they don’t know FC Sète. If you give a Boeing to people who only have a scooter driver’s license, there is a chance that the plane will not take off. Or that it will land very badly.”

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