Football. After the defeat to Argentina, it’s time for a change for Italy

The defeat to Argentina in the Finalissima revealed the setbacks of Italy which is still in a difficult day since its title at Euro 2020. , Jorginho will replace and co.

A series of disappointments

The Italians chained the disappointments of failing to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar after a surprise defeat to North Macedonia and then another defeat in the Finalissima to Argentina, a trophy that more closely resembled a friendly with Argentina dominated the debates.

The defeat in North Macedonia is revealing for the Squadra Azzura, the victory at Euro 2020 was only a thinning. A 1-0 defeat that robs Italy of its second World Cup in a row. The non-qualification for Qatar shows that Italy will ultimately remain this team that has not achieved much in high-stakes matches since the 2006 World Cup victory. The only goal achieved for the Squadra Azzura was the victory at Euro 2021, a final won on penalties after suffering the entire match against England.

Like their match against Argentina last night, the match between the two giants turned into a friendly as Argentina was superior in all areas. Missed by Mancini and his group, this Finallissima sees Italy’s bad stretch continue and the table of disappointments continues to grow.

A golden but aging generation

Undoubtedly a concern of the generation, with certainly experienced players, but no real youth destined to take over. Like the defense, the Squadra Azzura is no more, the hinge Chiellini, Bonucci, 37 and 35 years old is at the end of the cycle. Chiellini will no longer play for Italy as the Juventus central defender is stepping down after 18 years as an international. He will have known everything with his country, victory, defeat, disillusionment, joy, trophy…

Bonucci shouldn’t have to wait long to leave either and behind the succession is slowly coming, only Bastoni, from the top of his 23 years, seems able to replace one of the two, but who should accompany him?

Other players disappoint, such as Federico Bernaderschi or Andrea Belotti, both 28 years old. Their performance is lower than expected at the selection. From the top of these 30 years, the Chelsea player, Jorginho, is destined to become the metronome of his roster. Unfortunately, since his 3rd place in the Ballon d’Or, he is no longer as efficient as before and does not affect the game as he should. A burst of freshness would be welcome for the Italian squad, the next target of the Squadra Azzura lives at Euro 2024 in Germany where she will defend her title.

Hope that comes slowly

The Italian hope team is also slow to “find” new young people who can replace legends. The results of the selection of the hope are not the expected results, not very flamboyant victories over countries like Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and regular defeats against the big European countries like Portugal or Spain.

However, some young people have already been included in Mancini’s roster, such as Raspadori, Scamacca, Bastoni, Tonali or even Frattesi. Unfortunately, no one really manages to tickle the usual retainers. Sandro Tonali, who has been in the squad since 2018, is struggling to convince and claim a starting place. These club achievements are there, with selection the 22-year-old player has more trouble finding a place in the XI. The time for change has come.

Football. After the defeat to Argentina, it’s time for a change for Italy

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